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April 1, 2009
my shoes are primed


So after seeing some hand-painted shoes, I've been thinking for a long time that this is something to try... and today, I primed. These are some old shoes that I love, but they're really scuffed up. Still going strong.

These will definitely end up a beginner project... simple color blocks, likely. Like Willie Wonka's saddle shoes, I'm thinking.

But if you want to be totally inspired, look at these. Lane, by the way, will custom paint your shoes for you...

07:07 PM | Comments (3)

EEEEE! Those shoes in the link are AMAZING. I'm looking forward to seeing how yours come out.

Are there special shoe painting paints?

are these your formerly orange shoes?

No, these were wine colored, and fairly unremarkable. They've been my most "sensible" shoes for years. I will be very sad when the orange shoes go. They are still my favorites.