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March 13, 2009
What? It's 2009?


Clearly, "Blog more in 2009" was not at the top of my resolutions list. Also, I've found facebook, so if you want a more immediate 144-character update on me, that's where to find it.

I had a brief dalliance with natural dyes a week or two ago. Got a book in the library and skimmed it, then mostly ignored it... or the plants I have around me are quite different from the ones the author has. Turns out you have to use a lot of plant material to color a small amount of wool... and it takes a long time. And if you're not careful, your fiber ends up slightly felted. I did experiment with mordants and acidic/basic rinses and all that. I like the subtle earthy colors and I do enjoy the surprise element of natural dyeing.... that you might get a blue grey from something red, or yellow from something purple. Truth is, mostly you get some variation of dirty yellow from just about anything you try to use as dye. But since I find dirty yellow pretty attractive that's probably okay.

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