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November 16, 2008
it's up!

I saw that the link on Amazon was up, and someone told me that the Wiley link was live, too, with the cover photo! So here you are, ladies and gentlemen, Knitting in the Sun. The pattern on the cover is a beautiful summery aran wrap called Anacapa. It's knit in a hemp blend yarn and designed by Kendra Nitta. Shot on location at Windansea Beach in LJ, CA by photographer, Stephen Simpson. The model is my daughter, Zoe. Very cool.

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November 4, 2008
How do you say dummy in Russian?

I opened a letter from Wiley, my publisher for Knitting in the Sun and also the publisher of Knitting Patterns for Dummies. I had assumed that it was something about the former since that's what's consuming most of my time and brain space these days. Turns out that the letter was to inform me that there are plans to translate Knitting Patterns for Dummies into Russian! How cool is that?

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