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September 7, 2008
end of summer

It's the end of summer, nominally at least. The girls went back to school this week. And here are some "first day" photos for you. That's the first day of 6th grade (middle school!) and the first day of second grade.
In other news, my computer hard drive crashed. Horribly and wretchedly. I have a lot of stuff backed up, but not all, of course. Thankfully most of the book stuff (save the work I had done most recently) existed in earlier forms elsewhere, so I've been focusing on reassembling.
More fun though has been getting ready to do the first photos for the book. We're doing them locally -- with local talent. Hoorah! Slightly daunting to be in charge or arrangements, styling and all that, but still totally fun have such a strong role in shaping the look of the book.

04:40 PM | Comments (7)

They look great--amazing to think about back to school in a mini-dress--my kids are in layers with coats. But it's not raining today!!!

Your girls are so adorable! I love these innocent faces.

They're so old! In an adorable way. Oh, back to school.

I love to see the pictures of Zoe as a baby and Ella when she was little with pink hands and then see these mature, beautiful girls all ready for a new year. It goes quickly! My Ella and little Eva are in second grade and kindergarten, and they ask of your girls often. Happy autumn!

They are seriously too, too cute. Love the outfit Ella is rocking. And Zoe's bag is GINORMOUS. She's gonna bust a shoulder or something!

Kristi - Wow. Zoe is so grown up. And Ella is her own person. Amazing. The last time I saw them, Ella was an infant and Zoe was a little girl. Amazing.

Kristi, Porter, I have not read a knit blog since before we moved to Phila, 5 years ago, and imagine my surprise to see these girls! Zomg!