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July 6, 2008
seeing red



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July 4, 2008
Did you know I was working on a book?

It's been gnawing at me that I haven't had the usual blogging zeal. But of course there's lots going on... Like I'm writing a book! Well, truthfully I have not written much so far, but I think "writing" a book, particularly of the crafty genre, is about writing like "sewing" is about the time you spend with the needle in the fabric -- they don't call it "cutting and ironing and cursing" even if that's what you spend 90% of your sewing time on.

And this thing I'm doing is called writing a book. It involves making lots of spreadsheets and fretting over things. Like if A is ruffled, long-sleeved and light blue, then nothing that is either ruffled or long-sleeved should be too much like light blue. But if B, which IS long sleeved, has to be light blue because that's really the only color that's right in that yarn, then A must be green, which means that C has to be taupe, and maybe D shouldn't have a ruffle...

The book is called Knitting in the Sun and is a collection of patterns suitable for warm weather and warmer climates. It will be published by Wiley in 2009. I've been working with over 20 designers who are busily creating their summery knits even as I speak. I'm beginning to see how things are really going to turn out as we move out of the "sketch and a swatch" phase into coherent patterns and samples that are substantially underway. I'm still pinching myself that I can say "hey designer, could you whip out your creativity for me and give me a little something at the end of the month?" And then have them do it. It's easy to imagine things going wrong working with a large group under tight deadlines, but I am impressed by the professionalism and conscientiousness of my little league of crafties.

I must say, I'm really excited by this collection. Loads of stuff that will be fun to knit and great to wear. For those of us who live in places where it doesn't really get cold, there are a lot of knits that are simply off limits for us. This collection will offer lots of choices to wear year round, not just in hot spots, but really everywhere. Layering pieces, cool yarns, clever designs that keep things light and breathable. Anyway, there's lots of gorgeous stuff in it.

Timeline for the curious: design, write, knit and tech edit over summer. Photos in early fall. editing and layout over fall. release spring of 2009.

Sweater in the sink is just a gratuitous, not-book-related shot. A teeny top-down raglan for a baby shower gift.

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July 2, 2008
13 is lace.


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