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May 27, 2008
the minstrel

Here's my wheel, fully assembled.
And here's what I'm spinning. Corriedale cross, hand dyed over the weekend.. And yes, you are free to ask yourself whether or not I'm in a color rut. I briefly considered cooler colors, but then, knew that I wouldn't go wrong with this. It's got some browner sections that really summon aged terra cotta.

I just tech edited a pattern for Miriam Felton called the Foliage Shawl and it's all I can do not to cast on immediately. You can see it on her blog. It's really gorgeous. Leafy, with a knitted on border. Do I really need two triangular shawls in similar colorways? I love the first one, why wouldn't I love the second?

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That's lovely; Kromskis are so beautiful.