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March 6, 2008
A soap in sheep's clothing

The girls and I were experimenting with making felt wrapped soaps. I left them out in the backyard to dry. The next day I discovered that one was missing and the other had significant bites taken out of it. I can understand that perhaps a curious animal might take a little nibble, that wool and Ivory might pique the senses, but after one bite, who on earth would go back for more? Or find it so tasty that you'd either gobble it up or take it home for a midnight snack?

05:37 PM | Comments (5)

They look beautiful, but I'm not sure that they look appetizing. LOL I guess it's been a long winter for some animals.

Haha, that's so funny. I can't fathom who would find soap a tasty treat.

So what is felt wrapped soap used for? If it's for cleaning a person, what sort of fiber do you use? This is a new thing to me.

soap is made of fat. and fat is a receptacle for flavor. i like fatty food. bacon. mmmm.

It sounds like the deer versions of my husband and I were in your yard.
"Oh honey, this tastes awful! Try it!"
"Oh yuck! What is that flavor?"
"I dunno, here, lemme see."
"It's almost like..."

And before you now it, we've eaten a fair bit of some wool wrapped soap...

Uhmmm. Ewwww. That's GROSS!

I like Wendy's take on it though.