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March 21, 2008
happy spring


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March 6, 2008
A soap in sheep's clothing

The girls and I were experimenting with making felt wrapped soaps. I left them out in the backyard to dry. The next day I discovered that one was missing and the other had significant bites taken out of it. I can understand that perhaps a curious animal might take a little nibble, that wool and Ivory might pique the senses, but after one bite, who on earth would go back for more? Or find it so tasty that you'd either gobble it up or take it home for a midnight snack?

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March 3, 2008
harbinger of spring


I've been reading about the yarn harlot's isolated adventures in the snowy cold. Walls of snow piling up. Having to seriously limit exposure time to avoid death. She might as well be on Mars. Her locale is just as exotic.

Here, I am happy to report, it is spring. Anyone taking me as harbinger will know that spring arrived officially last Wednesday. I wore white. I wore culottes. I was greeted by the wafting scent of orange blossoms as I came out the back door.

I have plotted and schemed. I have dug dirt. I have lugged $40 worth of craigslist bricks into the car, out of the car and placed them artfully in and about the front yard. I have brought out the pushmower and given our token lawn the once over. I have cleaned out closets. I have re-organized drawers.

The fruit trees have budded. The first rose has bloomed. There are enough peas to make a serving. Birds are chirping and looking at one another suggestively.

Oh, and you could be outside way longer than twenty minutes without risking bodily harm.

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