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February 29, 2008
Welcome to the New and Improved Domestic Sphere!

With much help from an old friend, who tired of my antiquated blog lacking things like built in comments or RSS feeds, after 543 posts over nearly 6 years, I've moved the blog here, to it's new home So bookmark it, subscribe to the RSS feed, enjoy browsing the archives once again.
And yes, I'll try to blog more frequently!

12:38 AM
more spinning, more cherry kool-aid

Here's a recent spinning effort: it's hand-dyed merino that I purchased off Etsy. While I liked the colors individually, I thought the green was too bright and too strong while it was in its nascent roving form. But since spinning still surprises me, I gave it a go. As singles, the green was still too strong. But maybe plied?

On the left you see it as it looks plied, though the colors aren't very true. The green is really the brightest, unsubdued chartreuse. My thinking was to either grey it or pink it, so in the interest of expedience I dashed the smaller skeinlet into a bath of boiling cherry kool-aid. Amazing what a little pink will do. The green tuned variously pink, orange and brown, the purple got rosier and the browns got warmer. All what you'd expect I suppose, and much more something I'm likely to knit or wear.

12:10 AM