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April 29, 2007
most likely to...

If there were popularity contests among scarves, this one would win in the Most Likely to Resemble Seaweed category. It's Stitch Diva's Curclicue Ruffle Scarf. This time in Curious Creek Isalo (100% silk), Colinette Zanziba (50% wool, 50% viscose), and Curious Creek Kibo (large loop mohair boucle). Seaweed, lettuce leaves, Julia sets... whatever comes to mind, it's delightfully organic.

It's going to be raffled off at the San Diego Postpartum Health Alliance's Mamafest.

07:38 AM
April 14, 2007

As if I needed further proof that I live an enchanted life, I have just discovered that we have a mockingbird nest in the bouganvillea. Mockingbirds and bouganvillea by themselves are enchanting enough,* though common around here. This makes our third brood of birds this year, as we have had two batches of hummingbirds this year. While the nest itself is hidden, the bouganvillea is visible from almost every room, so we'll be able to watch the action.

*And both smack of Jefferson Middle School for me. Bouganvillea, found in John Steinbeck's The Pearl, was a vocabulary word written on the board in my 7th grade teacher's beautfiful chalkboard hand. A mystical, unknown flower for me at the time. Mockingbirds, of course,remind me always of To Kill a Mockingbird which I clearly remember reading for the first time in 6th grade. And just like the bouganvillea, the bird was completely foreign at the time.

06:26 PM