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November 20, 2006
pattern exchange?

These are some of my favorite pants. Favorite not only for their vertical stripes, ability to add zest to any outfit and space-age fabric that repels stains and wrinkles (They claim to be made by Levi's. What decade, I just can't quite decide.). But mostly they are favorites because they fit well. The legs are a good balance of fit and flare, and the waist hits in just the right place. They never feel tight or like they are about to fall off.

So I've thought about trying to re-create them. And I'm sure that I could do it -- with world enough and time. However, I am much better and faster at writing knitting patterns than sewing patterns and I am sure that out in the ether there is someone of just the opposite persuasion. So I propose a trade: You make me a sewing pattern based on the pants, and I will write you a knitting pattern based on your favorite sweater.

Let me know if this idea appeals to you!

07:02 AM
November 17, 2006
I've got my hands full.

Not only of bugs... mostly of yarn.

I've got my hands on all kinds of great yarn -- some great silk/wool called Creme from Crystal Palace and also a whole box from Colinette. I'm like a kid in my very own candy store!

Now that the yarn depot I call an office has been filled up, I'm swatching and rationing out the goodies to my knitters. Trying to figure out what I can actually manage to knit myself in the time alloted. (And, interestingly, there's nothing like having a bunch of yarn and must-knit projects to cause your eye to wander. I've been toying with the idea of starting one [or two] extra-curricular projects that aren't part of the book. Not that I'm giving in, but once you get yourself started on thinking up new projects, it's sort of hard to rein in... )

Only a few projects remain to be hashed out and I spent a bit of time making sense of things with Suzanne of Knitting in La Jolla after class today. I think we made good decisions and I don't think I'll end up driving myself or the knitters crazy. Hooray!

I've handed in a couple of chapters. My real first quarter deadline in December 14th, so between then and now I've got one more chapter to write, plus a few odds and ends, plus assembling all the scrap art for the quarter. Also, I've turned in a list of all the illustrations I imagine will be in the book -- not so easy when you haven't actually written it yet!

It's definitely keeping me and my brain busy!

01:53 PM