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June 28, 2006
Dear Big

Dear Big,

I need to tell you something. You know our relationship means something to me. We've been together already for a couple of months now. And at first I was very involved in our relationship. Your shape excited me. I swatched you for hours; playing little games with your stitch patterns and gauge. I drew pictures of you while you lay there, not even knowing that I was looking at you.

But our relationship takes a lot of work. You are a lot of stitches. I feel we really need to sit down and take stock of where we are headed. I feel pressured to continue seeing you because of other people's expectations. Sure, I enjoy spending time with you, but I don't always feel like I'm really doing it for ME.

So I need to tell you something. It's summer time. And I'm on vacation. There was this long plane trip. And I started toying with this hand dyed cashmere. It was just a few innocent stitches. But it was fun. And she's foreign. And, so easy going. And I ended up inviting her to come with me. And things are going really well between us.

So, Big, I'm pretty sure this thing between Clapotis and me is just a fling. I hope you can find it within you to forgive me. You know I will come back to you.

05:49 AM
June 12, 2006
affectations can be dangerous*

Leo and I went to the Red Ball this weekend which was a lot of fun. I mean, how often do you get to dress up, leave your children at home, and go to a cool party with food and drink, music and art?

Leo's costume was dubbed "All Tomorrow's Revolutionaries"

Me, I chose Isadora Duncan , a revolutionary with a tragic story... and good fashion accessories.

*Gertrude Stein said that.

07:33 AM
June 2, 2006

i've been thinking about antimacassars. and that i need to make one. if for no other reason than to say that i am working on an antimacassar.

i know that they were created to keep the greasy hair oil off the parlor furniture. but what sort of greasy hair oil? inasmuch as i favor any hair styling products, i am partial to the greasy hair oil genre. according to wikipedia, macassar oil was coconut or palm oil scented with ylang-ylang. which sounds pretty good, really.

07:23 AM

So here's one of those "100 things about me" moments. I have spent most of my adult life without television. My children have spent their entire lives without broadcast television. We do borrow movies and pbs shows from the library, so it's not like they're not watching ever, but if your entire week's viewing is made up of one episode of Blue's Clues and four episodes of Peewee's Playhouse, it's not quite the same as being a television consumer.

Yesterday that changed. direct TV. The reason? The World Cup. Four years ago the World Cup found Leo crawling out of bed at strange hours to visit similarly smitten friends (usually of british extraction) or finding open sports bars. This year will be different. This year, all games will be recorded and waiting.

Our first TV moments: We flip through the seven zillion channel names on the guide. Zoe's popular culture radar are all the sudden up and firing: every show she's seen at a friend's house or heard mentioned at school. She wants them. I see things like Star Trek: The Next Generation, Family Feud, and Little House on the Prairie. And have the strong sense that they haven't actually MADE any new television in the last 12 years. Eventually, Zoe settles on HGTV or Food channel She is SO, SO her mother's daughter in some ways.

So what's on? If I ever do watch something what should it be? The thing magically records your shows so you don't have to watch real time.

07:00 AM