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April 27, 2006
research assistant

WANTED: College student, graduate student or other interested soul to do some basic research for me on a book project. Knitting, American History, Women's History. Mostly making phonecalls, doing some online research, so your location isn't an issue. Keeping organized notes of your findings. For the right person, it'll likely be interesting and could conceivably lead to a spiffy term paper or whatever. Which I will gladly edit for you with my razor sharp red pen. There will be modest compensation for your time as well.

Please let me know if you have someone you think would enjoy this job.

02:17 PM
to do list

finish frankenknits column for summer knitty.

[amy's in italy, right? so it's not REALLY due until she's back and catches up with her email.] it's fun. and summery. and if you haven't checked it out, i have a new website devoted to recycling and revamping -- check out

perform copy editing and technical editing on a set of patterns.

i've been doing a fair amount of freelance technical editing, or, as my husband calls it, debugging knitting code. it's fun because i get to see things first (nanny nanny boo boo), there's always something inspiring in a collection, and i enjoy crunching the numbers and getting those k2's tog. or i do for 2 or 3 weeks at a time. which is good, because there's usually a deadline about then and i send it back.

re-knit and re-size sweater for Amy Singer's book, No Sheep For You.

it's knit and writ already, but i needed to change the colors and i still need to step out the various sizes. due may 22nd. front's done. back's about halfway. sleeves will go quickly on this one. so i'm right on target.

continue swatching for Big Girls Knits 2.

the sweater has been conceived, i'm just playing with color and yarns. i'm really excited to knit it and work it out. i only wish it were my size! pattern's due september 1.

tech edit a book that shannon okey is in on.

that's summer. june or july maybe.

write fall Frankenknits column.

I already have a theme. I've got a couple projects in mind. So I'm pretty on top of it. But the due date is sooner than I think. See item 1.

write up a syllabus for a fibercraft class for kids.

here in san diego (and i imagine in other cities) they have afterschool enrichment classes at the school. next year, eleanor starts kindergarten and zoe will be in 4th grade. so i could teach a class. indeed, i've had enough inquiries about it, that i'm thinking about getting other teachers at other schools. .

similarly, put together a one-hour teen fibercraft spiel.

over summer, libraries have lots of programs for kids. apparently it's hard to find good things that appeal to the young teen and tween population, so i've been asked if i can do the local library circuit over the summer. a bit of how-to, recommendations on starting a teen knitting and crochet club, and some good books. let me know if you have any particular ideas.

decide whether the above list has space in it for any more projects before fall and if so, what sort.

it's one of those difficult things -- i hate to say no to something that sounds like a good idea, but at the same time, i hate being over-extended more.

06:24 AM
April 26, 2006
station wagon

it may seem like i'm not knitting, but really, i am. or doing knitting related tasks. one of life's little ironies: the more knitting-related work i have, the less time i have to knit.

a lot of my knitting comes in those "soccer-mom" moments. and all the sudden, i totally feel like a soccer-mom. the girls are at different schools and as they get more involved in the external world and, as yet, are unable to drive themselves as they still require booster seats, and have only recently mastered fastening their own seatbelts, i take them places in the station wagon. places where, i'll point out, there are many other station wagons. we are, apparently, station wagon people. and i've come to accept that.

i confess though, that i have taken to overestimating the time it will take me to run errands or how early i have to leave to pick-up -- and then i sit in my station wagon and knit.

06:33 AM
April 18, 2006

we just got back from a spring visit to washington, d.c., where we saw trees in full blossom and celebrated the spring holidays with the broader branches of the family tree. a beautiful and busy visit.

i was excited to learn before our trip that ann and kay would be in d.c. doing a book signing during my visit -- further, the book shop is walking distance from my grandmother-in-law's apartment on the very evening the family would dine at her home. so i trotted over, got my "for keeps" copy of ann and kay's wonderful book and met some great knitters.

after reading the book and getting in to the "log cabin" blanket idea and all that it holds i was struck by a connection between that and sophie taeuber's dada needlepoints on display at the national gallery of art in the east wing. if you're in the area, you should definitely check it out. i think some of taeuber's work would extend very well and naturally to knitting in the log cabin style.

i did a web search for "taeuber needlepoint" to try to find the piece that i was thinking about. i didn't find it. but the first link that came up was lollygirl's blog. and here's another serendipitous element: i met lolly at the booksigning, and she not only recognized me, but blogged me and my very orange outfit -- apparently it's orange month for Project Spectrum. So you can check us out chez lolly. note that i am carrying my fabulous orange purse from grandma edna.

it's amazing how round the world is sometimes.

09:37 AM