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February 4, 2006

I was absolutely in favor of the idea of a men's issue of Knitty. I think more men should knit. Viewed from some sort of mercenary perspective, getting more men to pick up the needles will expand our demographic. More people to buy yarn and books and magazines. Meaning there will be more yarn and books and magazines. Which, since the work I do and love sort of depends on their being a market for such things, is something I want. Plus, just as a knitter, I want choice. I want new things. I want beautiful things. And a growing number of knitters affords us all that.

But aside from providing me with work, I think more men should knit because I think more people should knit. It's such a pleasing blend of activity and passivity, allowing yourself to be quiet without "doing nothing". It's both very analytical (especially if you are trying to design things or fix things) and very creative. And it's tactile. Just like petting a dog is good for you, holding yarn and thinking about how it feels and how one yarn feels different from another fires up a part of the brain that is neglected too often in our digital world.

Also, I wish more men would knit so more men would knit. I think there are men that want to knit or sort of want to knit, but they feel bashful. As it stands, today, knitting men are novelties and get perhaps more attention than they want, and not all of it positive. It's still hard for men who knit to find a community they are truly comfortable in. Of course men and women can knit together, but being the sole representative of your gender grows tiresome in any situation. There are growing online communities that welcome male knitters. And you all know I am all in favor of online communities. (And if you don't, maybe you'd like to read my MA Thesis?) But knitting can be such a companionable activity, I'd still like to see more men knitting in public.

wow. that ended up all soap boxy.

So what brought me to the blog this morning was the fact that yesterday I taught my second man of the year to knit! In 2005, I maybe taught 60 or 80 people to knit. None of them were men. 2006 is only a month old and I've already taught two. I will grant you that my sample size is very small, but I'm hoping it's a trend.

oh, and another thing: of the men, by the men, for the men. is there a knitting book like that? there should be.

06:45 AM
February 2, 2006
local news

First, Knitting in La Jolla, my local yarn shop and knitting home-away-from-home is having a sale. A big sale. All Trendsetter yarns are 1/3 off. Most wool and wool blends are 25% off. And some gorgeous gorgeous stuff (stuff normally kept behind glass kind of stuff) is 50% off. Definitely worth the trip if you're in the area. And beaches, restaurants and fine window shopping all ready to hand. The spring yarns are coming in NOW. Space must be cleared, and you, dear knitters, will reap the rewards.

Also, you can see some of the things I've been up to over the last while. Kristine's got the Curious Creek website updated . She's got her new yarns up for you to see and patterns I've designed for her yarns up and ready to go. The patterns are FREE! Take a look.

06:49 AM