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December 26, 2005
ceci n'est pas une pipe

this is the menorah we've had since our wedding -- leo's cousin, elizabeth, made it for us.

after reading something that suggested that each child should have a hanukkiah to light, i made this one. it's got a certain log-lady/readyMade quality to it that i like. plus it involved powertools.

happy hanukkah!

12:00 PM
enough about me...

let's talk about my shoes!

these are a gift to myself. after a long while of thinking about the need for orange shoes in my life, i found an orange jacket that i liked at the thriftstore the other day and then i decided that the scales had tipped in favor of orange shoes. fortunately, these orange flowery doc marten's maryjanes were still available, and at half price! i took the plunge and ordered them online. not only do they fit, they are very comfortable and i am now debating ordering them in other colors.

11:54 AM
December 21, 2005

today finds me baking cookies to deliver to our neighbors with these two.

later we'll go out to the beach to check out the surf.

10:57 AM
December 11, 2005

As I prepare to make what has become the standard Sunday supper*, I had to take a few minutes to google myself:

Me, Kurt Vonnegut and Studs Terkel in the University of Chicago alumni magazine.
The MSNBC review by John Searles.

The menu: roasted free range chicken, potatoes roasted in duck fat, rosemary and garlic; served with gravy. vegetable medley (this week broccoflower, yellow green beans, and carrots), salad, and maybe an apple crisp. yum.

03:09 PM
two-headed baby

Per Guy's request, here's the two headed cat. I asked Ella if a two-headed cat had two names or just one. The answer is one. And this one is Sylvia, apparently.

12:11 PM
December 7, 2005
cat box

Last night, I was getting dinner ready and Ella was in the kitchen with me.
E: "Can I make a mixture?" (this usually involves mixing half the contents of the spice cupboard with any available condiments...)
K: "Not right now, we need to get dinner ready." I eyed a couple of boxes on the counter waiting to go out to the recycling bin. "Do you want to make something out of these boxes?"
E: "They're too small to be a box for a cat. Unless the cat was very small."
K: "Well... we could make a little cat."
E: "Make a small cat out of what?"
K: "I don't know. Out of pipecleaners maybe. Why don't you start with the house and later I'll make you a little cat out of pipecleaners."
E: "Okay. But only if it has two heads."

11:59 AM
December 6, 2005
more press clippings

Things to look for:
A review in the December/January issue of The New York Dog.
A review in the University of Chicago Alumni magazine, December issue.
Here's an article from the San Diego Tribune.
And one from The Olympian with a picture from the dog fashion show and book siging I did up there at Canvas Works. This is part of the "How I spent my Thanksgiving Vacation" story. We spent 5 days in Olympia, my home town, then 3 days in Victoria, BC. We were accompanied by my husband's father, sister, brother-in-law, and niece. So three generations, two ways. Saw family (my sister and her family, aunts and cousins) and friends and had a nice time all around.

The girls were treated like royalty at the Empress. With high tea on fancy china and doormen dispatching horsedrawn carriages at the wave of a hand... Zoe had seen the people riding in carriages when we first arrived and longed for a ride. When I saw the prices I said I wouldn't pay for it. So after much deliberation she decided SHE would spend her OWN money on the carriage ride. But by that time it was Monday evening, and we didn't see any horses around. But of course, the charming doorman was able to summon one straight away. "Your carriage, Miss!" just like in a fairy tale.

Thinking back, I realize that family trips are one of the things that do actually stick in the memory. I figure this one will stick.

It's nice to be home. The weather was really very co-operative while we were up in the Northwest. Except that we never seemed to quite be in the same place as the snow. Still, after a week of putting on coats and sweaters and mittens, only to take them off again 15 minutes later in an overheated restaurant, it was glorious to be home. We promptly ordered Wahoo's (fish tacos) and I stood outside barefoot for a while, just because I could.

If you can get your hands on People magazine from the week of Thanksgiving (the one with Britney and baby on the cover), look on page 74. Knitting for Dogs is #3 among the Gifts for Petlovers.

Coming up: A radio interview with St Louis Radio station KFTK this Friday morning at 7:45 AM, Central Standard Time.

And on TV, look for actual samples from the book to be modeled on the Weekend Today show on NBC this Sunday morning, December 11. How exciting!

06:14 AM