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November 19, 2005
Animal Radio

Hear me on the radio! An interview with Animal Radio airs this week and is available online. Click on the "Listen to Animal Radio Now" link in the middle of the page to hear this week's show.

10:16 AM
November 17, 2005
meet the press

Two press sightings to watch out for today: You can hear me speaking to David Dunseith on Talk Back on BBC Radio Northern Ireland. I'm on near the end of the show -- just after the story about the 100 year old bike shop closing.

And for those in and around Washington, DC, you can find me in the Home section of today's Washington Post. (You have to sign up [it's free] to see this online.)

A couple of other recent reviews:
Knit one for Buster in the Buffalo News.
Great Ideas in the South Bend Tribune. The great idea just below Knitting for Dogs is black toilet paper.

09:33 AM
November 12, 2005
the life of a knitter

As a knitting teacher I get to witness the birth of new knitters and welcome them into our midst. But just as there are these times of joy, there are also times of sadness. It is important, I think, to mark the loss of knitters from our lives. Last month, my aunt, Margaret Helen Johnson Strong -- known to everyone as Bricky, for her bright red hair -- passed away at the age of 84.

Bricky was born in Kansas in 1921, the second of five children. As my mother's senior by 19 years, she was often mistaken for her mother and they maintained a strong, close relationship throughout their lives. As a young woman, during World War II, Bricky served in the US Marine Corps. After her service, she moved to Washington State and devoted herself primarily to her family. She was a dedicated wife of over 50 years, mother to three boys, grandmother of four, and friend to many. She was always a woman of strong mind and opinion, but ultimately encouraged others to think for themselves and loved those around her deeply regardless of any differences they had. She did what she believed was right and did it well. Whether it was making a large family dinner, laying tile, or designing a sweater, she seemed to accomplish it easily and well. Often, it is my impression, simply by believing that she could do it well.

I do not remember specifically who taught me to knit. Most likely I learned in successive passes under the guidance of my mother, my grandmother and my aunt. What is clear is that it was my aunt Bricky more than any other that I watched knit. I cannot remember a time when she was not knitting on something -- and almost always with enthusiasm. Slippers, sweaters, blankets, vests, ribs, cables, intarsia, slip-stitch patterns: evidence of her knitting abounds covering all epochs of style and fashion. I can think of countless examples scattered throughout the closets, drawers and easy chairs of her extended family. Even at an age when you might have thought she had seen and done it all, she still enjoyed seeing what was new or trying something different. A knitter to the end, apparently, her children observed her in her sleep, using her eyeglasses as an impromptu set of needles, finishing just a few more imagined rows before she passed. Clearly her love and persistent attachment to the craft rubbed off on me, and inspires me constantly. Her presence in my life will be remembered and missed.

04:18 PM
November 8, 2005
more dog show photos

Thanks so much for sending me the photos; they look great! Keep your eye out for the La Jolla papers this week!

10:36 AM

like the stock market, the spread in vegas, or a close election*, i'm watching the numbers.

Knitting for Dogs ranks as the 34th most popular knitting book sold on Amazon (in terms of sales) out of 1,394 knitting books offered. This number in itself is interesting -- 1,394 knitting books to read. (If you're wondering, the new Sally Melville, Stitch n Bitch: Knitter's Handbook, and Knitting Over the Edge head the list.

but here's the thing: go to Amazon UK, and look at the list of 2,081 knitting books ranked by "bestselling" and Knitting for Dogs is number 1. really.

i don't have anything to knit right now and I have that sort of rudderless feeling that one has when there's nothing on the needles. a friend who's done me lots of nice things for me has asked me to knit a scarf. i'm thinking that a Rock Star may be just the thing. except not Koigu because we don't have that at my LYS and because the scarf is for a friend of a friend -- which doesn't merit 6 sts/12 rows per inch. maybe something sort of sheeny and ribbonish?

*yes, we're voting again. san diego still needs a mayor! the rest of california will have to convince themselves to go to the polls for an initiatives only menu.

06:17 AM
November 7, 2005

I guess it brands me as a knitter that in the midst of the whole fashion show hoo-hah, i was obsessed with finishing this -- a top down raglan cardigan with lace detailing knit from a lovely silk-wool blend from Curious Creek Fibers.

Today's obsession: watching the rankings of the book on Amazon and Amazon UK. At the moment, Knitting for Dogs ranks 1828 in sales on Amazon in the US, and a staggering #349 on Amazon UK. 13th among their "Home and Garden" selections.

The rankings are moving averages, likely based on the last 24 hours, but because the numbers keep changing, fascinating to watch.

02:09 PM
November 6, 2005
the dog show

02:37 PM
more to read

The dog show went off yesterday without major hitches yesterday -- we did set up the video camera in the belief that if things went fantastically wrong, we could console ourselves with fantastic winnings from America's Funniest Home Videos. Things went smoothly. The day was lovely and the dogs looked very sweet in their knits. Many, many thanks to those who participated. You all did great!

Here are some more things for you to read with your coffee this morning:
"A Sweater for Sparky" from the Fort Wayne News Sentinel.
"This Winter Fur is So Passe" from the Salt Lake Tribune.
"Knit One, Purl Two, Woof Woof!" from the Indianapolis Star.
"Pet Project: Knitting for a Furry Friend" from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

07:20 AM
November 5, 2005
dog days

today's the day! fashion show! book signing! it should be a lot of fun. i've just finished the Dog Style mix tape. there are really an amazing number of songs about dogs when you stop to think about it.

and cast off the sweater that i had been ignoring for the last while and then this week, with so much else going on, became obsessed with finishing it.

04:34 AM
November 1, 2005
read all about it

a black cat (without her ears) and a whirling fall fairy.

But aside from Halloween, it's media frenzy time here in Knitting for Dogs land. Here are links to articles in the Cinncinati Post and the Akron Beacon Journal. I've also been setting up interviews with the Yorshire Evening Post, Animal Radio and the La Jolla Light. And I see that the book is for sale in Australia, Japan, Scandinavia and Europe. Soon I'll pull myself away from Dogpile...

06:54 AM