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October 29, 2005
release the hounds

Suzanne, the owner of Knitting in La Jolla, saved this box for me. All sorts of fascinating details. Printed on the box, in China.

02:27 PM
October 17, 2005
knitting for dogs

a.k.a. enjoying my 15 minutes

It looks like the book has shipped! Official release date is October 25, but Amazon no longer says that it's on hold. So look in your local knit shop or order one online!

I just got my latest edition of Vogue Knitting and was thumbing through -- saw Jennifer Hansen (Stitch Diva) mentioned and was excited for her. Then I saw the piece on Jenna Adorno's Hopeful pattern... and then, there was a book review of Knitting for Dogs. Definitely an issue to keep!

Come join us for a book signing and fashion show in La Jolla, California on Saturday, November 5 at 11:00 AM or in Olympia, Washington on November 26.

If you can't make those dates, you can still show your love by sporting some really cute stuff. with dogs. in clothes. you can even get your dog a shirt with a dog in a sweater on it.

09:24 AM
October 15, 2005
knitty gritty

I have returned from my bout as a knitster on Shannon Okey's episode of Knitty Gritty where we styled -- what else? -- doggy fashions!

I drove up Thursday afternoon and, after a bit of reconnoitering at the Burbank Hilton and a few moments of remarkable zen navigation on Shannon's part, I dined on Indian food with Shannon , Jenna Adorno, Marnie Maclean , and Julia Trice . So fascinating to put faces to patterns and web presences!

Pictures were taken but you'll have to scout them elsewhere.

Friday morning we shot the episode, in remarkable time, really. Lots of fun!

The obligatory I-blog-you-you-blog-me shot.

Marnie's real dog, Panda, and a stuffed dog from my neighbor, Marnie.

Me and Shannon.

Candi and Marnie knitstering away.

And the three of us.

09:07 AM
October 8, 2005

doesn't sound like i'm optimistic about posting frequently with a title like that, does it?

I told melissa, the empress of dirt , that i would show her my closet if she showed me hers. i haven't forgotten, and have taken the before pictures, but my bouts of anal retentiveness have been spent elsewhere. like for instance i helped a friend confront her linen closet, boys' clothes and garage this week. Filling 3 garbage cans and 2 station wagons full to overflowing.

In between my bouts of clutter intervention, I've been doing a final read through Amy and Jillian's fabulous forthcoming Big Girl Knits . If you are a big girl, you have been waiting for this book. You will have something you want to knit. And you'll understand how to make it fit you.

In other book news, Knitting for Dogs will be in stores very soon! To celebrate, we are having a book signing and doggy fashion show at Knitting in La Jolla on November 5. It's not too late to participate if you are in the area! And it promises to be a lot of fun. Or a chaotic furball of dogs and yarn, but in either case, you won't want to miss it!

The other branch of news: Shannon Okey's Knitgrrl is out. And I saw it in person at the knit shop this week. Scan through and you'll see my name in print under "technical editor". Woo woo. The other Shannon-related news is that I'll be going up to TV-Land at the end of the week to knitster for her (the knitting equivalent of background singers -- doo wop, doo wop!) on DIY network's Knitty Gritty. Anyway, it'll be fun to actually meet her face-to-face! Coming back round to my closet cleaning -- I've got to decide what to wear for TV. No stripes, no bold prints. No sleeveless shirts. If I had ponied up the closet pictures you would see the issues here. On the one hand this seems like a trivial choice -- on the other hand, what is the question I've been asked most about my other appearance on Knitty Gritty? Tell me about the sweater you're wearing! Stay tuned.

06:28 AM