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December 10, 2004
purple cabbage

I was chopping open my purple cabbage and saw this. Neat huh? The rest of the cabbage revealed no other secrets even with careful slicing and observation.

What did we do with all that cabbage?

Science experiments of course!

Cabbage juice is a great indicator of acids or bases. Just cook up some cabbage in water (amounts not vital) in a non-reactive (non-aluminum) pot. Pour a bit of the purple broth into a dish. Add vinegar. Or lemon juice. Or baking soda... or any other liquid or powder that's handy in the kitchen. The acids turn is bright hot pink, the bases, a blue-green. If you are doing this with kids you can let them decide what to try. If you are trying to make this a science lesson then make them write down their predictions and

Pretty cool, huh?

07:11 AM