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June 15, 2004

So Knitty Gritty, the TV show, starts broadcasting July 2 at 10 ET on the DIY network.

The DIY folks have finally put up some clue as to the existence of the show, but the web pages aren't really ready yet. Here's the link to my episode. I think I'm the 7th episode, so I won't air until August.

I don't have cable. We gave up cable when we moved to California 10 years ago. We do get 2 stations of TV without cable so sometimes I watch a little something. And we get videos from the library for the kids, so they aren't totally deprived. Of course, at times I long for cable. And now is one of those times. Normally when we really get the urge to watch something we go watch at a bar (because it was usually a basketball game or a soccer game). I don't think a knitting show is really going to fly there.

I did get someone lined up for MY episode, but am still looking for ways to see the other 9. Stay tuned...

06:36 AM