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June 30, 2004
castles made of sand

actually these are made of stone, mostly. did you know that you could pick up a castle in rural France for less than a million bucks? sure, they need a little work, but still... zoe's already created a job chart designating who will be queen on what day.

check out Chateaux et chateaux and you, too, can start dreaming of fairy castles...

11:21 AM
June 15, 2004

So Knitty Gritty, the TV show, starts broadcasting July 2 at 10 ET on the DIY network.

The DIY folks have finally put up some clue as to the existence of the show, but the web pages aren't really ready yet. Here's the link to my episode. I think I'm the 7th episode, so I won't air until August.

I don't have cable. We gave up cable when we moved to California 10 years ago. We do get 2 stations of TV without cable so sometimes I watch a little something. And we get videos from the library for the kids, so they aren't totally deprived. Of course, at times I long for cable. And now is one of those times. Normally when we really get the urge to watch something we go watch at a bar (because it was usually a basketball game or a soccer game). I don't think a knitting show is really going to fly there.

I did get someone lined up for MY episode, but am still looking for ways to see the other 9. Stay tuned...

06:36 AM
June 10, 2004
belt me.

swinging in the pendulum between last-week-of-school-go-go-go and weird west nile-like virus [headache and low fever which resurface everytime the drugs where off] for the last few days, i decided to marry a foundling belt buckle and some leftover yarn.

the cool part of this little story [aside from the belt] is that while i was at the playground working on it yesterday afternoon, i had a conversation with a bulgarian woman about knitting. she's the grandmother of a boy at zoe's school and clearly has a lot of knowledge, but is trapped by her limited english. she tried to steer me away from garter stitch for a belt, and demonstrated a variant of linen stitch for me -- in the most outrageous knitting style. one of those around-the-neck-reverse-throws that would make a harlem globetrotter's head spin.

i was glad to have her advice, not because i heeded it, but because it gave us a reason to try to communicate with each other. knitting's cool that way.

02:26 PM
June 7, 2004
on the runway.

07:27 AM
June 6, 2004

I've been inspired to get out my sewing machine after emailing with Karen Baumer. She's made approximately 4 zillion pairs of pants based on the square toddler pants I made. [Pattern available at left.] You can see hers on her new website under "new stuff". Karen's are all so cute/cool they will make you want to have some yourself.

So I finally got out Mr. Pink and took him for a ride. This is some fabric that I've had for a while -- a Marimekko knock-off. The pattern is Burda. Fortunately, they fit Zoe great! And they do match the sewing machine.

Some reflections on sewing:

I still sort of suck at putting in zippers, particularly since Mr. Pink doesn't have a zipper foot and I was too lazy/impatient to set up the other machine just for the zipper.

This is my third Burda kids' pattern and I am now solidly convinced that they are better than the usual fare [at least among mainstream patterns]. Sometimes a bit more complicated, but they've got style all on their own, aside from the fabric.

Sewing and knitting are very different from one another. After not sewing for a long time, I don't know how much I enjoyed the process, but the pants are cute! But of course I see all the mistakes I should have been more careful with. I guess the answer in sewing is to just make a second one.

I have some Berroco Pronto in coral and one skein in dark pink. I'm going to look for some off-white and then knit a top for Zoe with a big flower on it.

07:04 AM