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April 27, 2004
before and after

So here's the livingroom today. Still needs some plants and art and stuff. Scroll down a few posts for the before.

02:00 PM
on a roll.

I feel like I should be out haunting second-hand shops for furniture because I am on a roll.

Early this Sunday, Ella and I were strolling back from the grocery store after buying ingredients to bake a cake because this is one of those things that make sense to a suggestible 3 year old. When better to bake a cake? Anyway, passed by a garage sale getting set up and thought I'd take a look. Now usually, garage sales in our neighborhood consist of little beyond decaying fiberboard bookcases, CD's by bands you'd never want to hear and trashy paperbacks. And old wetsuits. There's always one of those. Anyway, found an old Singer sewing machine (pre-electric!) and managed to get into the garage FULL of stuff and found this. A wrought-iron chandelier with mica shades, wiring in good shape. AND paid 5 bucks for the light fixture and the sewing machine. 5 bucks. Pinch me.

Then, on Monday I went by a local upholstery shop to ask if they knew where I could get twine and webbing to try to fix up the Victorian loveseat that someone had given us. After talking to the guy for a while, I realized I was not cut out for the job, but he came over to the house immediately, picked it up and returned it, good as new (well, not as new, but perfectly functional) 2 hours later for $65. Wow.

Now the livingroom is practically furnished. And I should be out shopping for furniture bargains, because I am clearly on a roll. And I don't need the sewing machine. Let me know if you do.

01:40 PM
April 24, 2004
learn to knit book?

If you had to give someone just one How To Knit book, what book would you give? What do you like about this book?

07:22 AM
April 20, 2004

Most of the yard is now blissfully done. Keeping me in springtime business certainly, but mostly done. And I am still dwelling on the fountain for the courtyard.

There's this. 18 x 22 inches and the real handpainted ceramic deal from Mexico. Pricetag: $600! I'm sure I could get one for less at the source, but a trip to Puebla, Mexico would certainly cost more and I don't know if there are really any Talavera places closer in Mexico that I could get to in a day.

And there's this. $175. Fiberglass. About the same dimensions.

Or there's somesort of DIY approach with a rectangle or arch of Talavera directly on the wall with some sort of spitting head and bowl, though somehow all the ones I've seen like this seem a tad baroque for my wants.

Anyone seen the wall fountain of my dreams?

06:44 AM
April 9, 2004
nothing but flowers.

This could be another entry in the "I like yellow" category, I know. This is a huge yellow iris from my neighbor's garden. She's a big gardener and always there if I need advice... or seeds.

She and Ella and I had a multigenerational outing to the San Diego Museum of Art last Friday to see Art Alive. This is a yearly event, apparently, where they have floral designers make arrangements inspired by a particular piece of art, then they display the flowers and the artwork together. It was neat and inspired me to do that sort of floral-vegetal thing, but it wasn't as cool as I thought it would be. Few pieces really "spoke" to their companion art pieces or were really thoughtful about their choices of plant matter. Anyway, it was a good thing to see, but the place was mobbed. A good portion of the mob were these ladies and their sistern.

I couldn't resist photographing them in all their red and purple glory.

The next morning the family and I were off the New Hampshire for Passover. I have never been to that part of the woods. I didn't get much chance to hang with the locals, but it is only just barely starting to be spring there. The sort of spring that means "thawed". We did have a snow flurry and with careful eyes I saw the ocassional bulb just pushing through the surface of the soil.

We did experience maple syrup, however. And lots of the usual family Pesach fun. Next year in Ann Arbor!

06:55 AM