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January 27, 2004

Okay. I've been approved. Now I can spill the beans. The DIY network is putting together a fresh new knitting show called "Knitty Gritty" which will be hosted by Vickie Howell of Ruby Goes Retro . She designed a guitar strap for Knitty.

I will be re-constructing a thriftstore find on the show. We'll be taping at the end of February, so now, aside from furiously editing the patterns for the book, I'm furiously trying to knit up some samples for the show.

Holy Cow!

03:02 PM
January 22, 2004

but good.

this week: the house is finally ready for final inspection. back yard is being relandscaped finally. i'll be planting by next week! $100 piano is tuned (well, it's a $300 piano after moving and tuning... but still a bargain).

doing the my editing thing on the patterns for the book.

and working on a project for TV. TV? TV.

and i knit a hat.

03:01 PM
January 19, 2004
the cat in the hat

Okay, here's some Monday morning silliness for you -- Rosabelle modeling a hat.

10:05 AM

I think it all got eaten except for a couple of grapefruit.

06:08 AM

Here's the new sofa. She needs an afghan!

06:06 AM
January 15, 2004
three words.

Family Disco Night. More than you needed to know. Somehow Zoe convinced us that this was just the way to end the day. And, hey, how can you say no to a six year old in lame' and light-up shoes? Fortunately, turning off all the lights (except Zoe's shoes) was part of the desired atmosphere. And, fortunately, Zoe and Ella still think their parents dance well.

This made me wonder if they make light-up shoes for adults? If they don't there is a market out there screaming to be tapped. The only ones I found were 6 inch stiletto heels, and no one is dancing in those!

06:33 AM
January 14, 2004
the end of an era.

The Thrift Store people came and took our well-traveled Sofabed away. She put up a pretty good fight before they finally got it into the truck.

Sofa started her life brown, plaid and synthetic. She lived in Leo's aunt and uncle's rec room in Washington, DC. That was 30 years ago. Eventually, she left home and stayed in the basement over at Leo's folks place. When Leo and I graduated college and he got a job in Wilmington, DE and I tagged along, his parents gave us Sofa along with lots of other furniture and household goods, some of which we still have. It was a big step up from our previous digs which were all futons and stereo equipment and things that were found in alleys on the south side of Chicago.

A couple of years later I got into graduate school out here and Leo got a job and the movers came and hauled Sofa out of Delaware and off to California. The movers even hauled her up the stairs to our 2nd floor apartment and on to a nice green shag carpet that suited her, really. She sat in the sun after most of a lifetime in shadowy places. She began to disintegrate. I recovered her off-white. She seemed fresh and new.

Soon, we got married. We bought a house. Sofa moved with us. We got a cat. We had 2 children. We had many houseguests. And Sofa was there.

Eight years passed. We decided to add on to the house. We moved Sofa next door. I decided to recover her again as she had gotten threadbare and stained. So I bought her some fancy new clothes and set about dressing her.

Then she wouldn't fit down the hallway into the family room. And she wouldn't fit through the backyard gate. We contemplated various Herculean moving tactics to hoist her over the garage.

Sofa lived in the garage for a couple of months while we discussed her fate. And decided it was time for her to go. It was time for her to start off on another new adventure.

Good travels, Sofabed! I hope that someone manages to recover your last cushions with that fabric I tucked in.

The new sofabed comes from IKEA this afternoon. I'm glad that Sofa wasn't here to see it.

06:30 AM
January 12, 2004
she should be in advertising.

Zoe, while enjoying a drink-yogurt, "My heart has a tongue, and when the Danimals goes down my throat near it, my heart sticks out its tongue and licks it."

Later, that same meal, "Ella, when I die will you pour Danimals on my grave?"

07:14 PM
January 9, 2004

Here's my purse that was not stolen.

Now I am dreaming of shoes to match. My dream is something sort of Dr. Marten's maryjane-ish. Finding orange patent leather shoes in a size 10 is a not something that happens everyday, though. Let me know if you see any!

02:29 PM

Finished my multidirectional scarf over the holidays. Two skeins of Silk Garden was a smidgen short, but I finished it off as there wasn't another skein handy. I may go get third and either knit a bit more or add some fringe or both. It looks great with this jacket, though!

I've knit a few baby hats as it seems like there are new babies here and there that have little bald heads to cover.

And now that I've done those things I keep trying to renew my interest in the albatross. An undone project that needs completing... and I'm only halfway through the front! I am beholden on several sides to get this done and yet it's pull on me is largely of obligation rather than pure knitting excitement at this point.

The yarn is lovely, but it's a solid color and the gauge is smaller than my usual. And it's got a simple pattern to the stitches so I can't completely zone out.

Further analysis: In our current set up, I never watch any television and thus, I rarely knit. Since our sofa wouldn't fit through the family room door, there's only the big comfy chair to sit in. And after the kids are in bed, if Leo and I actually wanted to watch something, someone has to sit on the floor. We went out and bought a new sofa last weekend and it will be delivered the 14th. Maybe this will let me "knit through" these issues. That and actually having some free time.

So what do you do while you knit? Sure something really pretty or tricky can occupy your full attention for a while, but most projects do not absorb us fully. Do you listen to music? Watch TV? Try to learn French? Right now I'm reading Harry Potter -- I certainly coulnd't do that and knit!

06:02 AM

I think I told you about this last year, but you should give a listen to Ian Brown's story on the recent "Birthdays, Anniversaries and Milestones" show of This American Life particularly if you have ever been to a child's birthday party.

I love This American Life. Great for knitting. Totally engages your mind, leaving your eyes and your hands free. If you've never listened, I think there's a "best shows" section to choose from on the website. Or you can catch the new episodes on NPR.

05:49 AM
January 7, 2004
a yarn.

I thought I had had my purse stolen yesterday. The orange patent-leather 60's purse I got from Leo's grandma, Edna. With my wallet (bad enough) and my keys (worse!).

I took the girls down to the beach yesterday after school because we are having some of the lowest tides of the year right now. And because, well, we're having unseasonably
warm weather
this week and it was not unpleasant to run around barefoot in the sand for a couple of hours. Anyway, I just left everything in the stroller and headed down to the beach. I didn't really think about it one way or the other. I won't say I haven't knowingly left my wallet out like that in the past. Generally, I assume that people are good and that there's a limit to how much badness one should plan for. Though usually, I do try to leave my wallet out of the equation and just stick a couple bucks and my keys in my pocket. But I had run a few errands before picking Zoe up at school and headed straight to the beach, so I just left everything piled in the stroller.

After the sun set and we shoved home, I arrived on my doorstep with no key. Tracked down the spare key to let myself and the girls in, called Leo, called the police... wondered if I should go back down to the beach (again with both kids in the stroller as I didn't have my keys) in the dark, to ask if anyone has seen it, in hopes that someone would have taken the small amount of cash and the credit card and left the rest of the stuff. Especially the bag. And the keys. Since my ID was in it, someone then could find the house and car with no problem and there was nothing I could do to stop them. I had all kinds of "bad guy" paranoia.

After fretting and pacing for a while, I checked my answering machine. It was Carl from the Starbuck's. He had my bag and looked up my number and called me. It must have fallen from the stroller when I was fetching a bagel to sustain us on the way to the beach. Someone had handed it in.

Faith in humanity once again restored. See? People are good.

06:34 AM
January 3, 2004

not a good start to the day. ella woke up early due to a snotty nose, and my unstuffy nose sensed there was something rotten in denmark. or in the den. as the sun rose enough for me to see what was going on from here in the computer chair, i realized that my knitting basket was on the floor at a rather suspect angle. the kitty had peed in it. eeew! thankfully (maybe?) she pooped on the floor.

in her defense (arguably), i had put her litter box outside and had just been shoving her out the door episodically. apparently not episodically enough. or the fact that it was raining kept her in. eeew. anyway, "cat flap" which was really on the "to do" list, has now risen right up to the top. more than you needed to know, clearly.

fortunately, most (most) of the yarn, etc., was in ziplocs, but the straw tote itself (and a couple skeins) must be written off.

eeew. not a good start to the day.

07:54 AM

Well. We've officially moved through to the other side of the holiday season. Ella was born 01-01-01, so she's the last of our holidays/birthdays.

Here's she is showing off her birthday suit.

And here are the girls smacking the pink pig pinata. (Try saying that three times fast!)

I bought one of those balloon pumps and made a whole raft of balloon animals -- of course they were all a very bad version of "dog", but for three year olds, if they want a purple kitty, they've got a purple kitty!

06:17 AM