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December 22, 2003
a clue! a clue!

If you don't have young children (or take lots of drugs and watch children's television) you will not know what I am talking about. But I love Blue's Clues. The old ones, with Steve. Something about him (I think he's really a pretty smart, funny guy) spending years in a studion in a mix of dead-pan-hyperenthusiasm interacting with NOTHING... and doing it so well.

We just got a holiday video from the library in which Steve wears AN OBVIOUSLY HANDKNIT SWEATER. It's green and green striped (obviously), with oversized, dropped shoulders too big sleeves and rolled collar. It was such a brilliant jab at poorly fitting holiday sweaters which wasn't even pointed to -- it was just there.

Steve quit Blue's Clues to work on an album. For adults. You can read about that and other things on his website. Apparently, he's tight with the Flaming Lips. Or at least they have the same producer. I heard an interview on NPR a while back.

07:43 AM
December 21, 2003
i could be president!

on the 25th, i'll be 35. zoe urges me to run for president. "you know, we've never had a president who was a woman!" now that she's become aware of this gap in our nation's fabric, she has decided she should be president herself. and only 29 years to campaign!

35. no complaints. except for now i am lumped in with the 35-50 year olds instead of with the 24 year olds. my place as a member of the target audience has shifted.

i bought myself a little treat the other day: some silk garden to make one of those Multidirectional Scarves. I bought two skeins, but I think I will need a third as I am already almost through the first. Of course, now it's Sunday, the yarn store is closed for two days, and we'll be out of town by the time it opens. Think I'll call my mom and ask her what her yarn store hours are going to be over the holidays. Must get third skein before xmas or I won't have enough knitting to see me through.

I will also say that this project has finally gotten me through a LONG spot of knitting doldrums. Sure, I've been knitting, but usually for a deadline or some other knitting obligation. This was a complete indulgence and it's fun and quick and the yarn is lovely. I've done lots with Kureyon, but never done the this one. The subtlety the silk adds to the yarn gives it that shine and extra depth. So I'm finally itching to knit, and find myself sneaking away to get a few minutes in here and there.

06:27 AM
December 9, 2003
a more sinister holiday wish?

You know those light-up reindeer that move that have become so popular on the front lawns of suburban America?

After seeing a display of them at the Home Despot, I keep thinking that someone with more time, energy, and front yard should get a flock of them and either animate them together in some eerie way as if they were watching a very slow tennis match across the street, or better that they should be reworked as more interesting, fantastic creatures. A few more lights, a little duct tape and wire -- you could really do something swell with these.

02:36 PM
happy holidays.

Here it is, my gift to you, loyal readers: the pattern for the felted mitered square bag. It doesn't have a catchy name, but it is now available over there on the left under "free patterns".

Happy knitting, one and all!

02:31 PM
December 6, 2003

Thanks, all, for the nice comments about the bag. I am very pleased with how it turned out.

04:39 PM
December 5, 2003
brand new bag.

all my worst fears are groundless...

the bag felted beautifully. no puckering, no nothing. i'm considering a second incarnation in lamb's pride with contrasting L shapes.

if i don't knit something else first.

07:27 AM
December 3, 2003

Hi! I'm back from a trip to our nation's capitol and surrounds. It was a busy 10 days. Mostly, we visited with Leo's relatives which is always a pleasure. But with all the cool attractions in the area, we felt compelled to hit some of those too. The East Wing of the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum, the Aquarium, the Hirschorn Museum, the Zoo... Grandma's 90th birthday party which involved everyone parading around in her wigs. Lots of good food. Baby Lyla. Lots of miles on the rental car.

Once again, I had fantasies of what it would be like to live in DC [this happens to me in whatever city I visit]. It's such a vibrant city with so much going on. Such great OLD houses. This lasted about until the weather began to get cold.

And here is the completed mitered square Noro bag, ready to felt. I've been having some anxiety trying to figure out if the thing will felt square or wonky. Sure, it's square now, but since stitches felt more in length than in width, there is some nawing fear that the thing will pucker as two adjacent sides of each square should, by this logic, be shorter than the other two. The other side of me says it'll be fine; the amount of shrinkage is not so hard and fast. The various squares of the bag should work together. And I figure if it starts to look funny, that's the time to yank it out of the washer and assess how to go forward. Cool bag or "useful pot to put things in" type of contemporary art. Needless to say, I was dying to felt it, but since it will need to block and dry for a couple of days, I couldn't really do it on the trip.

Stay tuned.

06:14 AM