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November 2, 2003
poke it with a fork...

see if it's done.

the house is so close to done... but we've been off the floors as they're being finished. tomorrow everyone is back on in their stocking feet. we won't move the furniture until next saturday though. so close and yet so far!

a lot of little things for them to finish inside. cleaning crew is schedule for late this week. the yard, courtyard and driveway still look like a moonscape. still trying to line up the appropriate personnel on that.

and after the realization that it would be craziness to not paint the kitchen BEFORE we moved back in, i am painting it myself. we can't paint the rest of the front of the house until after we move our stuff next door and move the neighbors' stuff out of our livingroom and back in here. on saturday.

so i have removed all the cabinet doors, sanded and scraped everything (apparently the cupboards used to be the same 70's yellow that my mom's kitchen was... and also tomato soup red for a while!) and am now priming the insides of the cupboards. oy! slow as there's a lot of brushing and not much rolling. but my technique is improving. hope to get the rest of the kitchen primed this morning while leo has the girls at a chuck e. cheese birthday party. bless him.

which one would you choose at 10 in the morning, chuck e. cheese or painting the insides of your cupboards?

05:26 AM