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November 21, 2003
good day.

Have you ever read Lilly and the Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes? Well this bag is green and it doesn't play a jaunty tune, but I feel almost as excited as Lilly was about her bag. And look how well it goes with my jacket! (The jacket I've had for years... I think I bought it at the same thriftstore as the purse though... hmm.) Not that I have a lot of occasion to wear such an ensemble, but they're waterproof and will definitely perk up any outfit.

On top of the plastic purse, I had a very successful thrift outing (I didn't find any furniture, though; that would have been too lucky), finding two pairs of shoes that fit, a long black cardigan, a funky bright jacket that goes great with my orange dress (and the new pink sandals!) and three good, basic, wardrobe enhancing shirts. And icing on the cake -- when I walked out of the thrift shop, guys from a radio station i actually listen to were there giving stuff away. got a tshirt and some stickers.

And here's the Kureyon mitered-square to-be-felted bag. The row of three squares is the bottom, the four larger squares are one side. This is exactly two skeins of yarn. I think i'll end up using at least four to get this done. And it's not going to be a huge bag. it's about 14 inches on a side unfelted.

Nonetheless, it's been a fun project and i think the bag will be very cool when done. Once it's done and the kinks have been worked out, i'll give out the pattern.

06:09 AM