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October 10, 2003

What's that noise? It's raining again. Once again I am now kicking myself for not bringing things in out of the wet... But the house has doors now, so it's sealed up tight. A certain irony: the sheet metal guys are coming to put the downspouts on today...

In fact, the house has nearly everything it needs. Once the floors are finished, we'll be in! I was sent out to buy about 3 dozen lightbulbs yesterday -- the light fixtures are mostly in. Probably we'll move about the end of the month. Of course, then we have to move all our neighbors' stuff out of our livingroom and diningroom so that we can fix the floors and paint in there.

And do check in on the Sonnet-Along. We've got a good number of knitters progressing quickly with their creations.

06:35 AM