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September 10, 2003
comments & I return

You probably didn't even miss me, but I was disconnected from the Internet for several hours yesterday. Okay, that sounds totally trivial, but it was more exciting than that. Our DSL cable which has been strung across the driveway to our temporary digs was hanging low because they were rebuilding the chimney cap. I forgot to get it put back up high... Somebody must have smacked into it and snapped it yesterday.

Leo successfully restrung and reconnected it last night with no trouble. Hooray!

This is very good as Knitty is so close to ready to come out, but of course now is when I need to be editing out all those misplaced commas and k2togs. Also sending in the pictures of my under-the-wire sweater.

I think my comments should finally be back too.

03:52 AM