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September 30, 2003

Stucco's done and paint is going on.

Here's the bedragled gate, waiting its turn for help.

And here's the less lipsticky trim color.


If you are knitting Sonnet, you should know that the sleeve cap directions were missing for a while. They should be back now. If you've printed out the pattern already, go back and look at the changes, please.

Of course, you can knit the sleeve with no cap if you wish, but you'll want to lengthen them a bit most likely. Or not. Knit 3/4 sleeves, if you want... or short sleeves... or make it a vest.

01:42 PM
September 24, 2003

Here's what the roof tiles look like.

Can't decide whether I like the horizontal ridge -- that was the roofer's idea.

07:18 AM
September 23, 2003

Here's the house in it's new and improved form -- with skin!

Roof tiles go on today too... except IT'S RAINING. Not pouring, but a definite rain. Heard it in the night. Decided to ignore it. Couldn't really be rain... couldn't be that much rain. Didn't leave anything too important outside.

I think it was just the stroller. With sweaters, shoes and various snack bits that have no doubt turned into a disgusting goo with the water. And the bikes. Kneepads. Elbowpads. Helmet. My newly started mosaic project. It's tile, right? It's okay to get wet. The cardboard boxes, less so. My new tile nippers... better dry those soon. Two pairs of shoes.

Rain always surprises me.

Here are a couple of photos of my girls.

Zoe doing her Joan Jett/Pat Benatar thing for a birthday party.

And Ella on an "Allergator" by Niki de Saint Phalle.

06:31 AM
September 22, 2003
jetzt mit tagboard!

The sonnet-along is underway. We've got Jackie, Cheryl, Christina & Brenda choosing their yarns and casting on. Check out the Sonnet-Along link on the left. I put up a tagboard on the Sonnet page too so you all can post your comments, questions, etc.

06:18 AM
September 18, 2003
my first button!

...with a button!

Feel free to swipe the button code and put it on your own blog. It will link to the Sonnet-Along page.

02:21 PM

I gather that there's interest in a Sonnet Knit-Along. So I'm ready and willing to host. If you are interested in participating, leave comments or drop me a line. I'll set up a button for participants and a page to display the progress and results of participants.

Since this pattern is so flexible, I'm eager to see what everyone comes up with. If you have questions about yarn choices, stitch options, etc., let me know!

09:38 AM
September 17, 2003

Here's another shot of Sonnet, my pattern from Knitty, modeled by my lovely friend, Kim.

I knit this whole thing, cast-on to photo-shoot in one week! It's 3 stitches to the inch and size small, so it's not such a miraculous feat, but a lot of knitting going on there briefly. I'm still not going to win any prizes for fastest knitter in the West. I know some people knit that much every day.

If you've never knit an adult-sized sweater, I promise this one is very easy. Lots of garter stitch which is perfect for knitting while watching a movie or listening to archived editions of This American Life. There's just enough casting on and binding off and switching to box stitch to keep you from falling asleep. Plus, it's dealer's choice on yarn!

I'd love to see your Sonnet! And if anyone knits matching mother/child versions of this and sends me a picture of you wearing them, I'll send you a little surprise.

06:44 AM
September 13, 2003
family circle

Not the knitting one. The one that invariably features some huge dessert on the cover with a top story about losing weight...

This month's issue features pictures of my friend Tracey. She modeled A Capella for me last winter. While you're waiting for your groceries to be rung up, check out page 50 for the story. More exciting perhaps than the FC thing is the fact that she's got the lead off piece in a new book, This Day: Diaries from American Women from Beyond Words Publishing, Inc. You can find out more about the book here.

11:46 AM
September 12, 2003
on the home front

We're getting ever closer to done on the home renovation.

We had sand-blasters this week. Not pleasant.

Bathroom really looks pretty though... now if I could only take a bath!

08:26 AM
September 10, 2003
party trick?

I've been thinking a bit about left handed vs. right handed knitting. Also about Continental vs. English styles. I'm a lefty you see, but I knit right handed English style. So I was goofing around with a little swatch/coin purse and midway through thought I'd try a little Continental. Since I was already knitting English right, it worked out to do the next row Continental left.

I'd tried Continental before but right-handed and could never get the swing of it.

So, I went along doing one row Continental left and then one row English right (but through the back loops since that was the way it worked out right). Worked like a charm -- and the great wonder is that it works out that every row is knit right side. You don't have to turn the work. It's all knit stitch, but it's stockinette.

I can't decide whether this non-turning approach is actually good for anything other than knitting in cramped quarters where slinging your whole project around at the end of the row is awkward, but it seems like a good party trick.

09:41 AM
comments & I return

You probably didn't even miss me, but I was disconnected from the Internet for several hours yesterday. Okay, that sounds totally trivial, but it was more exciting than that. Our DSL cable which has been strung across the driveway to our temporary digs was hanging low because they were rebuilding the chimney cap. I forgot to get it put back up high... Somebody must have smacked into it and snapped it yesterday.

Leo successfully restrung and reconnected it last night with no trouble. Hooray!

This is very good as Knitty is so close to ready to come out, but of course now is when I need to be editing out all those misplaced commas and k2togs. Also sending in the pictures of my under-the-wire sweater.

I think my comments should finally be back too.

03:52 AM
September 8, 2003

The sweater I cast on on Tuesday is finished and blocking. Still in time to make it's debut in Knitty*. Now I'm in that "I never wanna knit again... except... maybe... I'll just swatch a little" state of mind.

I fairly desperately want to work on the 4 Faces quilt. I am going for the fusing approach a.k.a. IRON ON! This clears many nasty sewing hurdles out of my creative path. Still need to get supplies... and ultimately enough mental and physical space to really work on it. Thus it will probably wait until we are back in the house.

YACCS is still broken which also pains me. I need comments. I need feedback. I need adulation.

*A little bird tells me Knitty will be out within the week. And it looks great. You will love it.

02:23 PM
September 7, 2003
end of summer?

Labor Day has past. The summer is over. The weather around here begs to differ. We continue to have strangely humid weather. The temps are slightly above normal -- in the high seventies. But the humidity... Still summer is over. I've celebrated by readmitting black to my wardrobe.

Zoe had her first day of first grade. Here we are getting ready to shove off for school.

And who could forego the great elementary school pleasure of chocolate milk in a bag?

And I've been knitting like crazy this last week. You'll see why soon!

04:03 PM