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August 31, 2003
calling all lefties!

I received a query from someone via Knitty about left-handed knitting. I'm a lefty, but I don't share her problem. It got me thinking though, and I'd like to talk to some fellow lefties.

If you are a left-hander who knits, please drop me a line.

Oh, and I want to hear from you whether you knit "backwards" or not! Thanks.

09:42 AM
i spoke too soon.

Thought I had the comments fixed. Now YACCS is down for the long weekend, so it's not really fixed.

09:41 AM
August 30, 2003
everybody loves comments

I finally went in and fixed my YACCS code. Comments should be working (and visible to the naked eye) now. Please comment at will.

08:34 PM
August 27, 2003
new bathroom

ages ago someone asked where the tiles went. here's the answer:

some of the others will go on the tops of the bathroom cabinets. and a few other places.

this room is starting to take on its final appearance. we're getting closer. i think the next couple of months are going to seem long waiting for everything to get done.

12:05 PM
August 21, 2003
happy birthday, leo!

Today is Leo's birthday.

In honor of the day, go check out his work at He's their artist of the month for August.

Happy birthday, my love!

09:48 AM
red porch

most of my energies these days have been sucked up by the house. it's really beginning to morph into its final shape. the drywall is up, the tile guy has started in on the bathroom and the stucco guys are coming today. that should be exciting.

a while back we said we were going to paint the house just like it was. hah! we got silly and changed our minds. we decided on a nice warm reddish brown called "cinnamon cherry" for the trim.

perhaps wisely, the painter only painted the porch and primed all the windows on the first day, because "cinnamon cherry" is pretty much "lipstick red" when you meet it in person. we're going for a more subdued "hawaiian cinder" or "sly fox".

06:28 AM
August 14, 2003
Oh, Cabana Boy!

I posted an ad on looking for help moving the piano I just bought. $130. A steal! Who needs chairs in the livingroom anyway?

"I can't help you with that, but do you know anyone who needs a poolboy?"

02:46 PM
August 6, 2003

Five-year old Zoe can really try my patience. But here's a story of why she's a great kid:

It's 5:30 pm. I'm in the grocery store with two kids. There are the usual death-defying cart acrobatics and pleads for doughnuts, cookies, bright orange snack foods, etc. As we are finishing up and swinging out of Produce toward Checkout we wend through Floral. After managing to fight off her urges for a variety of glowing grocery store junk, what does Zoe decide it is worth spending her very own, hard-earned $1.80 on? A bright pink gladiolus. Appropriately festooned with greenery and baby's breath.

08:28 AM
August 5, 2003
ladies and gentlemen, paint your trim!

Having surveyed and studied the paint colors on every house I've passed for the past several weeks, I beseech you, homeowners, to paint your trim! Don't paint it the same color as your house. Go for some contrast! If your house is light, choose a darker trim. If your house is dark, go for a lighter color. Bring out those windows! As we're fond of saying around here, "Windows are the eyes of the soul."

I am amazed at how many houses have only the front window trim painted out. The ones on the side are white like the house. Also, if there is some bit of architectural detailing on your house that's interesting, paint it so it stands out! Your house will thank you.

And for those of you who are wondering what color we're going to paint OUR trim... well, umm, pretty much the same color as it was.

Since the house now seems huge to us, and is bigger than most of its neighbors, we decided that the house itself ought not to be too dark as it would loom too much. Most of the houses on our street are some shade of white/cream/beige. Not to be a sore thumb, ours will be too. Sure, we like to draw attention to ourselves, but not too much.

With a white/cream/beige stucco house with a tile roof, our trim choices, we felt, could be brown, blue or green. If the house could be, say, yellow, I'd go with a cherry/cinnamon/burgandy brown. But with the white, it seems either too bold (if redder) or too dull (if browner). Blue and white seems too Aegean or too nautical. Foresty green is nice, but almost every house on the block has dark green trim.

Thus we will have an eggshell/Navaho white house with deep turquoise trim. Only faintly different from what it was.

05:20 PM
August 2, 2003
the house

06:11 PM

The lady across the street from me has a uniform. Blue slacks (no other word describes them so aptly) and a white short sleeved shirt. I don't think I've ever seen her in anything else. She doesn't have to wear a uniform -- she chooses to.

Perhaps in honor of Pat, I've chosen a uniform too this summer: lightweight corduroys (spring green, orange or burgandy) or khakis. Stretch cotton camisole (peach, dark pink, orange, powder blue, pinky red). Lightweight cotton cardigan with 3/4 sleeves for cooler evenings (light green or light pink). Flip-flops (taupe or silver).

Do you have a uniform?

05:55 PM
knitting news

In addition to holding the reins on a herd of knitters doing my bidding [insert evil laughter here], I have picked up the needles a few times.

I knit a two tasseled hat with the yarn I tie-dyed.

And now I am working on a ruffly-fluffly thing for Zoe with some pink variegated bathrobe-type chenille stuff I picked up at the craft store.

05:52 PM

Just the thing on a warm summer night.

05:50 PM