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July 22, 2003

Yes. The addition to our house is pretty major. Even though we're only adding to the top and making modest changes downstairs to put the stairs in, they had to do very elaborate things to make our old house structurally sound enough to meet earthquake code and to support the second story.

The work has really gone quickly. They've been at work for almost two months and most of the actual carpentry is done. The part they are to now is a bit slow and fiddly, but it's the stuff that adds character: doing the coved ceiling on the bedroom, constructing the balcony, putting on the corbels -- but first they have to do some chiseling to match the old ones.

Then we're on to the subcontractors. Maybe three more months of work?

Still deciding on paint colors. Think we've picked out most of the things we have to pick out. Need bathroom light fixtures. Register covers. Door knobs. Curtain rods.... Okay, so there're still a few decisions to make.

06:42 AM