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July 24, 2003

09:46 AM
July 22, 2003

Here's our beautiful new sofa! A neighbor gave it to us! How nice is that? It's proportioned all wrong for her long and lanky, back-troubled beau, so they needed a new sofa. Anyway, it's lovely, but it blows my vision of 20's modern out. Ah well. Now I'm thinking sofa... oriental rug... tiffany lamp... but not too precious.... or fussy... or hard to clean.

So now I'm on the prowl for some chairs to co-ordinate. Certainly I'm sleuthing through the second hand shops, but one can't always depend on finding something. I'm not afraid of reupholstering, either.

Second criteria: Has to be sturdy. With two small kids, even if this isn't the playroom anymore, we still need to have furniture that's tough.

Saw a chair at Restoration Hardware, but it was too pricy... I don't know if they ever mark things down to half price or anything. Third criteria: Has to be something I can afford.

If you see anything good, you let me know. Of if your grandmother lives in El Cajon and would really rather have our Barcalounger instead of those two club chairs...

And that day-glo pink sweater Zoe is wearing is something my Mom knit. Zoe chose the yarn. She loves this sweater best of all. Has a hood and kangaroo pocket. Plus, it's hot pink.

And speaking of Zoe's taste: She and I bumped into one of those hotel/motel art show things in front of the grocery store this weekend. Of all the pictures, her favorites were some that featured a Tuscan villa at sunset with boats on the water and lots of flowers in the foreground. Cliche in that PBS "almighty sunshine" oil painting way, but nonetheless a sophisticated choice for a five year old -- she doesn't know it's been painted a thousand times before. If it didn't cost $200, I would have bought it for her.

06:53 AM

Yes. The addition to our house is pretty major. Even though we're only adding to the top and making modest changes downstairs to put the stairs in, they had to do very elaborate things to make our old house structurally sound enough to meet earthquake code and to support the second story.

The work has really gone quickly. They've been at work for almost two months and most of the actual carpentry is done. The part they are to now is a bit slow and fiddly, but it's the stuff that adds character: doing the coved ceiling on the bedroom, constructing the balcony, putting on the corbels -- but first they have to do some chiseling to match the old ones.

Then we're on to the subcontractors. Maybe three more months of work?

Still deciding on paint colors. Think we've picked out most of the things we have to pick out. Need bathroom light fixtures. Register covers. Door knobs. Curtain rods.... Okay, so there're still a few decisions to make.

06:42 AM
July 11, 2003

I haven't fallen off the face of the planet or anything. Blog posting hasn't been at the top of my list and new Blogger stinks enough to make it less enticing. And I've been busy. If you're still checking in regularly, thanks!

Here's what's new in the world of house remodeling. They've got the second floor addition all framed. Lots of other nuts and bolts stuff, but it's really starting to take shape. An infinite number of decisions to be made, some major, some minor. It's sort of like planning a wedding, only it lasts longer. Yesterday, I had to go choose out the little doohicky that covers the overflow drain on the tub. Also played some paint sample roulette. My best guess from looking at paint chips and bits hidden behind doors and such is that the house was originally that pinkish adobe color with dark brown trim. Now it's classic adobe white with Santa Fe green-blue trim. What color would you paint my house?

Finished the third purse, that was hanging like an albatross around my neck. Remind me not to take on that sort of commission again, please.

Finally, in knitting news... I bought some Kitchen Cotton the other week at the craft store and I also bought one of those little tie-dye kits. Over the long weekend, we tie-dyed some shirts... and the yarn. Came out like this :

Colors are excruciatingly bright just as you'd expect. I always mean to order better colors from Dharmat Trading Co., but I never seem to do it. Anyway, the process works just fine. I dyed the yarn just as you would a T-shirt -- except I didn't throw them in the washer and dryer at the end.

Also, I was struck recently by the generosity of the knitting world. Recently someone asked if the 2 skeins of Lion Brand Imagine that I had on the swaps page was still available. I sent it to her. And in exchange she sent me a sweater's worth of a much nicer yarn. Something from her stash that she felt she would never use. Thanks, Marilyn! You're great!

These sorts of kindnesses seem to happen to me again and again in the knitting world. Knitters, traders, shopowners... magazine moguls... even yarn companies have been so generous with their time, skills and yarn.

No wonder I knit.

06:25 AM
July 2, 2003

don't like new blogger. can't copy and paste old posts well. anyone else have any thoughts or remedies?

comments seem broken. they are there. the counter just doesn't work. and i thought everyone was just on commenting holiday. if in doubt, you can always email me.

house is coming along. they roughed in the stairs yesterday! they'll start framing the upstairs today. i need to update my house website too.

my wish for four hands has come true! i have now lined up my own little guild to knit my goodies. a thousand thanks to you! what a relief to be able to design the things i want to design without the stress of having to knit to deadlines.

i have little time and energy to knit these days: have been at the home despot after bedtime two nights running. first, to look at faucets. who knew we were such faucet martyrs? i am now painfully familiar with every faucet in production, i think. we want a sink with "widespread" elements (e.g. spigot and handles not attached to one another), bases not too bulbous and tea-potty, but not too contemporary either. Cross handles, spigot should look neither screamingly contemporary or institutional. On the tub/shower we want separate handles rather than the round thing in the middle. Also, the shower diverter should be a handle, not one of those pull up things. Oh, and the spigot can't be the standard one -- too "institutional". Oh, and it shouldn't cost a million bucks. Either brushed nickel or shiny chrome, we're not picky. Hah!

yesterday's home despot trip was to get a piece of glass cut to replace the one Zoe broke in the rental house this weekend. the chair she tipped went through it, not her, thankfully. the other silver lining... since i've got a crew of nice and handy guys at my house all the time, they're going to fix it for me. i just had to go get the glass and i'll do a bit of touch up painting. i can only imagine that i would pay someone a couple hundred smackers to come in and do it.

strangely, i would not describe zoe as clumsy in the slightest. she's a monkey bar queen and always has been. anyway, ms. monkey has, in her short life, broken 3 mirrors, 1 window, and her arm. maybe the velcro wall and playsuit would be a "good thing".

07:12 AM