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June 16, 2003

I finished the two purses last week. One was fine. The second, as I suspected, had issues. She wanted a lightweight denim, but the pictures she was working from were leather. The fabric isn't "structural" enough, yet she didn't want it rigid with cardboard or plastic canvas inserts. She's gone purse shopping to look at some actual purses before we do it again.

There's a new version of Blogger. Since I'm on a dial-up connection now, a LoFi version of Blogger. Not as good as the old one. Can't copy and paste old posts as readily.

I've lasted two weeks with the dial-up connection. Now we're thinking we can run a DSL wire from the old house to here. Thought about a wireless network, but our computer is too old to support it. I don't mind the slow speed of the dial-up, but it's always disconnecting or not connecting in the first place. Very frustrating.

So no surprise, I haven't been posting.


They have all but finished the demolition phase of our house.

Dumpster goes today, lumber arrives Tuesday, crane comes Wednesday...

06:21 AM