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June 25, 2003
knitty's got a book deal!

Knitty's got a book deal!

Clearly our 15 minutes of fame are starting now.

Clearly I need a new set of hands to get all this knitting done. I'm already trying to farm out knitting projects... If anyone wants to be in on knitting stuff I design for publication, drop me a line. I have at least 4 things that I am trying to get out for Fall and next to no time to knit. Think of it: be the first on your block to have one... be the first one on ANYONE's block to have one.

06:36 AM

Look! I dyed some yarn with Kool-Aid.

Went for deliberate mixing of contrasting colors (reds and greens) to see if something more restrained (and less Kool-Aid) would result. Knitting it up, it's predominant color is a very browned pink/warm tan.

I wish that the Kool-Aid solution were a bit thicker so that I had more control when applying it to the yarn. Gelatin, would be one approach, maybe, or cornstarch. Seems like either of these would make the yarn hard to clean. Any suggestions?

05:58 AM
June 21, 2003

Thank heavens! I am now reconnected to DSL... via a very long wire.


04:48 PM
June 18, 2003

I keep thinking that I should try to sew some clothes for myself. I have an overall pattern from this cool company, Pavelka Design, in adult size and kid size, but I haven't ever made them. In some ways they seem too hippy-dippy, but with the right fabrics... and finding the "right" fabric is always more difficult than it might seem. Sewing pants that fit seems dodgy. A cool coat maybe...

I don't think I will get to this right away... I need a new project like I need a hole in my head... it's just an itch.

07:00 AM
June 16, 2003

I finished the two purses last week. One was fine. The second, as I suspected, had issues. She wanted a lightweight denim, but the pictures she was working from were leather. The fabric isn't "structural" enough, yet she didn't want it rigid with cardboard or plastic canvas inserts. She's gone purse shopping to look at some actual purses before we do it again.

There's a new version of Blogger. Since I'm on a dial-up connection now, a LoFi version of Blogger. Not as good as the old one. Can't copy and paste old posts as readily.

I've lasted two weeks with the dial-up connection. Now we're thinking we can run a DSL wire from the old house to here. Thought about a wireless network, but our computer is too old to support it. I don't mind the slow speed of the dial-up, but it's always disconnecting or not connecting in the first place. Very frustrating.

So no surprise, I haven't been posting.


They have all but finished the demolition phase of our house.

Dumpster goes today, lumber arrives Tuesday, crane comes Wednesday...

06:21 AM
June 9, 2003
all of me

Knitty's out. Guess who's on the cover?

06:44 AM
June 6, 2003

So I signed on to sew the two prototype purses. They're fairly straightforward. I'm working on drawing out the patterns now. The designer hadn't analyzed the things very deeply. A rough sketch, a couple of pictures off the net of two bags that were quite different from what she described... some measurements. Certainly enough to go on, but not as much brain work as I would have thought. Had a little design meeting over coffee and I'm going to proceed. The good news -- she's paying me $75. Can't decide whether that's way too much or ridiculously little.

11:49 AM
3 things about me

Thing 1: This week, a really exciting project came my way for the autumn issue of Knitty. A departure from usual knitting mag fare, but really cool. Can't wait to get started on it.

Thing 2: I was approached by a parent at the Kindergarten fence last week who asked if I sewed. Tricky question to answer, because you don't want to take on someone else's project when you never seem to have time for your own. Anyway, turns out that she (a jewelry maker) is making the findings/hardware for a woman who is designing some purses. She wants me to sew the prototypes for her. I will meet with her this morning to see if it is at all feasible for me to do so. Have to see how involved they are and what sort of fabrics she has in mind. I'm not sewing leather or anything. I'm intrigued by the idea of a purse with handworked findings... but I suppose that's just the prototype.

Thing 3: Turns out I am a total art martyr for windows. Apparently, it costs extra if you insist that your muntin bars be 12 inches from the top on all windows... It also costs extra if you want the horizontal muntin bar to be 1.25 inches and the vertical one to be .875 inches, even if both of those sorts of muntins are stock... Oh, and wood, inside and out. You can tell. I think we're done with windows.

Now I can concentrate on the bathtub... or doorknobs or something.

06:29 AM

the knitting magazine with a sense of humor

the knitting magazine with a sense of humor

the knitting magazine with a sense of humor

Look for it first thing Monday! See me. Lots of me.

06:03 AM
June 3, 2003
from the other side

So here I am looking out the window, over the fence at my house. We're mostly settled in and mostly out of the house. This is a damned good thing because look what they've done!

About the bathroom, I think we've got a workable plan. We'll talk about it with the contractor this morning. It's just ironic in that we've had these plans mostly done for over two years. Drawn I don't know how many drawings of the house. When I was little I wanted to be an architect when I grew up and I used to check out armloads of house plan books from the library. Leo likes to design too. As I say, our architect does not love us. I don't think we've let much of what he's drawn stay. For a while, he got credit for the bathroom. Maybe not anymore.

I can't think of anything else I'd change. The rest pretty much has to stay the same. I should devote myself to things like shopping for doorknobs on Ebay.

It was Kindergarten graduation yesterday. Zoe's class put on a stirring rendition of The Nanny Goats Opera and then got their "diplomas". Still two weeks left of school, though.

Finally, something fiberlicious: Got some spam about something I was actually interested in: Soybean Fiber. Anyone ever knit with soybeans? Talk about eating your hat!

06:15 AM
June 1, 2003
here we go

Today is moving day. Using the computer without a desk as that's already dismantled. I'm eager to be done with this phase and settled. I will be back soon -- with a dial-up connection for the time being.

Woke up in a cold sweat yesterday thinking that the bathroom design was bad. Got up and did a few drawings. I think we came up with something that got rid of what annoyed me and will work without major revisions.

Here's the deal: A 10' x 13' space. Within this are the master bedroom closet, the other bedroom closet, a linen closet and the bathroom. Hallway is on one side of the 13', window is at the other, so you have to figure out a way to work the closets so the bathroom has hall access and the window. And a bunch of other constraints. Our architect had drawn some angled walls to solve this problem. And there was some weird dead space in the bathroom. Mostly, I felt like the angled walls were out of character for our 1920's house.

I'm sure if I were buying a house already done I'd just accept it warts and all. But given the opportunity to create it from whole cloth, we've put a lot of thought into everything. I think our architect fears our calls. Making an addition to a house is a completely different exercise from designing your dream house. The house itself has dictated so much about what we can do, which makes the whole thing more challenging.

So off into exile with me. Once the move is complete I should have time to devote to some other things. Like even knitting. Zoe designed herself a sweater yesterday. Apparently, drawing sweaters on graph paper is more fun than designing bathrooms! Anyway, a pink tank top with a band of rainbow stripes around the chest. How five! How knittable!

06:17 AM