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March 7, 2003
the silk road Got

the silk road

Got my sari silk yesterday. It's lovely. The person from whom I purchased it failed to mention that the vest she had knit with it
was in mitered squares -- a big pain to rip out. As I lay in bed in the wee hours not sleeping I was overcome with the urge to rip it
out and get knitting, so I've got it mostly ripped. This was a nearly finished vest. I sort of felt bad ripping out all of someone's
sweat and toil, but now the yarn will get some use.

It's sort of strange stuff. It has no elasticity and is very strong and heavy. It will drape like crazy. I knit up a swatch, using small needles so the fabric is quite dense. Since I've heard mixed reports on its washability I have washed my swatch. A tiny bit of color run, but it seems to have held it's size pretty well. We'll see what it looks like dry. Now to file my nails (it snags like crazy!) and start knitting and scheming. It will be an tank with sort of a dropped boat neck... so we can call it drape, not droop.


12:20 PM