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December 28, 2002
the specific northwest ahh.

the specific northwest

ahh. now i remember why people wear sweaters! it's cold and damp! it is actually physically uncomfortable to be outside without appropriate clothing. i have lived in southern california for 8 years now and my blood is fantastically thin. i am a complete weather wuss.

i have eaten plenty of holiday goodies, hung around with family and even managed to get out to the yarn store. i bought two yarns for a scarf but i don't think they'll work well together. we'll have to fix that. i think a third skein may fix things.

i also saw my auntie's latest sweater. gorgeous as always. i only lament that it was too big for us as it was up for grabs! i think my brother-in-law got it. i'll have to see if i can get another look at it. it had a little bit of 2 color work which she told me she accomplished by slipping stitches to avoid carrying two yarns. must try this technique! love the idea of two colors, but don't relish floats, plus it always seems like it wastes precious yarn. not that i don't like the results...

and there's a big surprise that i will tell you about when i get home... check back in a few days. such the temptress!


07:38 AM
looking the gift horse

looking the gift horse in the mouth

ooh. it's dark in there!

i swear, i type delightful things in much more frequently than you see, and blogger digests them whole and fails to spit them out onto my webpage. i am beginning to wonder whether it is just because they want me to actually PAY for what I am getting I may have to put this up on a different server.

But first I will join the cringing hordes whining about what they get for free.

testing, testing, 1-2-3.


07:21 AM
December 24, 2002
a bad thing okay,

a bad thing

okay, so we went to the airport on the WRONG day, and they wouldn't send us anywhere (the WRONG day according to DELTA, not the tickets we had...), so we went back home. fine. more time with our houseguests, didn't horribly wreck anyone's plans. it was raining (and we are very wussy about weather).... And in the midst of not thinking, I put Zoe's new Tutti-Frutti sweater atop the floor register to dry out so I could put it back in the suitcase -- and IT MELTED! I wasn't thinking and it was some space aged synthetic, not cotton or wool, and 5 minutes later, it was completely ruined! Very sad at my stupidity. It was a great little sweater.


11:44 AM
December 16, 2002
tying one on I've

tying one on

I've been knitting scarves like crazy around here. Fluffy ones. Furry ones. Fuzzy ones. Freezy ones. They are all good. I want to knit a couple more for my affines. Maybe something rockstarish but in more muted colors... and maybe, hmm... still haven't decided what will be best for my brother-in-law, "Fatty". A watchcap maybe more the thing...


11:18 AM
new vision! Hooray! I

new vision!

Hooray! I have a new monitor! Leo went out and bought one for me yesterday. It's big and bright and clear. I hardly know what to do with all the space.


06:43 AM
December 13, 2002
*** My monitor is


My monitor is in its death throes; all is green and convulsive. If you're expecting to hear from me and aren't, this is why.


02:43 PM
December 10, 2002
I feel Knitty... Hey,

I feel Knitty...

Hey, check this out! Seems like people are talking about my Knitty submission, but they are talking about my HAIR! Makes me think again about whether or not I should cut it! I am very close to lopping it all off, but now it has a fan club... Thanks to Squib for pointing that out!

And speaking of Knitty... anyone want to own one of THE original featured capelets from my submission? I now own TWO wool mini-ponchos in a small house in Southern California. Neither is getting any use. Email or leave a comment if you want to make a deal.


05:36 AM
December 5, 2002
stepping in the same

stepping in the same river twice?

Way back at the beginning of time (blogtime, that is) I talked about designing and knitting my Technicolor Dream Sweater. I still love it and always get compliments on it. So here's the thing: I think I want to try to make a man's version of this sweater for Leo.

Okay, it won't be pink, it won't have fuzzy or eyelashy yarn, and it won't have the feminine shaping... but other than that, the same sweater.

In thinking about the sweater, at least part of what made it successful was the randomness of the yarns I used. I had what I had and I decided I had to use some of everything from my mixed Ebay lot. Then I bought the "background" yarn. Sure, it could have been orange, but the sweater would still be good. Definitely the randomness of the stripes... I would never have picked the yarns individually, except the Noro, I don't think. But together, they spoke to me. I've thought about contacting the Ebay seller, "duena", and asking her to put a little something together for me, but I've decided that this is a game I want to play.

My thinking is that I will settle on a weight (the original actually had a fair amount of wiggle on yarn size, so even that is not hard and fast), and a general color family and go from there. I figure if I choose one yarn that really calls out to me, I can go from there. If you want to play along, here's the deal: Go to I'll need around 1500 yards of worsted/heavy worsted yarn in some color scheme that is, say, subtle and masculine. Right now, Manos del Uruguay Space Dyed has my eye as the zing! with maybe some Artful Yarns Jazz, but I am totally open to suggestion. For my sweater, I had 3 skeins of Kureyon (2 colorways), 2 different fluffies, 2 pinks (1 linen drape, one silk/merino), plus the eyelash and the main color. Since this one will be more subtle, I'll need varying amounts, of say, 5 yarns? What would you pick?

Oh, and Leo, if you're reading this, you can vote too:)


07:15 AM
December 3, 2002
pictures Here are the


Here are the promised images of recent finished objects:

A felting project gone slightly awry... now it's a bowl!

Leo's nice warm slippers from the Fiber Trends clog pattern with Noro Kureyon and Lamb's Pride worsted.

The Tutti-Frutti sweater for Zoe. It's done now! Pattern made up on the fly and probably mostly irreproducible. Very cute and fits
just right though! The body is flared and also has the fluffy border. I'll try to get a photo of it on its recipient.

And here's Flaming Barbie! How fun! We did not go for the Domestic Abuse Barbie pinata, you'll be happy to know. It was a nice
rainbow -- and nearly impossible to smash!


10:29 AM
December 1, 2002
rip and roll! So

rip and roll!

So I did turn back to the Tutti-Frutti and ripped out the neck. I wasn't entirely sure how it would work since I ripped out the top of something knit top down, but it was fine. I just cut it a little lower than I thought I wanted the neck, disengaged the problematic portion and picked up the stitches. Fortunately it's a variegated yarn, so any change in the appearance of the stitches was disguised. I rejoined the yarn I had cut and worked that section from rip-out to cast on so that any directionality in the variegation was maintained.

From there I wung it, kept up with the raglan decreases, and it looks MUCH better. I'm glad I did it! One sleeve is done, including the fluffy cuff, and the second sleeve is well on its way. I wanted to do the sleeves first, and then I'll knit the body until it looks right or I run out of yarn. I figure there's more room for changes in length on the body than the sleeves!

pictures soon of this and other recent projects!


11:13 AM