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November 20, 2002
free shipping Okay, I'm

free shipping

Okay, I'm a sucker for free shipping -- especially when you only have to buy $30 worth of yarn. It's practically impossible to buy less! Especially when you figure you'd pay at least $5 for shipping, so if the total's at $21, you're really SAVING money by buying more...

I just came across* Very good prices on yarn and books. The free shipping... and I just figured out that this knitwear gift giving must be a total scam -- I mean, I get to BUY cool yarn, spend time knitting it, and it counts as a GIFT for someone else! That's pretty cool.

*Apparently they are part of some huge craft mail-order mega-giant that I have never heard of, but the actual
seems very Mom & Pop -- and is located in Vancouver, WA. Not all that far from my hometown.


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