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October 28, 2002
cool sewing patterns If

cool sewing patterns

If you are a seamstress, check out Pavelka Design. I bought the Overwows pattern (in kid and adult) but I haven't sewn them yet. Definitely something for quilters. And those who are swinging from hip to hippy.

I am also tempted by Birch Street, and I keep thinking about the international children's collection, but I haven't ever ordered it. I just haven't been sewing much with all this knitting!

And I don't know what's up with the kids' world clothing kick. Something fun and different I guess, and at this point, I still get to supply the clothes, even if I don't get to pick them!


05:50 AM
these boots are made

these boots are made for walkin'

Here are the long awaited pictures of the Fiber Trends boots:


05:28 AM
October 26, 2002
another one down Hoorah!

another one down

Hoorah! I've finished up the Chogori. For those who are not devoted readers (hah!) a chogori (jeogori?) is a short bolero-type jacket that is part of the traditional Korean costume. I saw one and decided to do a knit rendition. Here it is:

I really liked using up the vast Kool-Aid scraps that I dyed for the Knitty article and the color work on the sleeves. I also like the neckband, though it was yarn-swap-a-minute to knit. I just knit it separately in garter rows and sewed it on after the fact.

I found knitting the back completely tedious, though I did like the subtle shading on the yarn. I'm not completely happy with the way the neck shaping came out -- it was a bit slap dash, but c'est la vie.

And my big discovery with this one is that you can just steam iron the pieces to block them! I wouldn't do this to fancy yarns, but silly me had never tried this approach. They lay there so obediently after their ironing!


07:04 PM
October 23, 2002
WIP I sucked it


I sucked it up and knit on the Chogori. I got the back done and am ready to move on to the fronts. Had to sit down and design it, because I think I just dove right in and figured I'd figure it out when I came to it. Or, if I had an idea before, I lost it. Anyway, did the sketch, did the numbers; I think it'll be great. Still not quite clear on the collar bit, but I think it'll be fine. Unlike most of my stuff, this one is definitely going to be heavy on the finishing work. C'est la vie!


09:27 AM
my knitty news Yesterday

my knitty news

Yesterday was a banner day for Knitty and me.

First, the folks over at YarnXpress have agreed to make up kits for my Winter project. Groovy! Fun! They have absolutely fabulous prices on novelty yarns (though their definition of novelty is broad enough to cover many things you really want). For instance, Noro Big Bebe is now 20 skeins for $50! Significantly cheaper than Ebay!

Second, Squib and I were shooting emails at each other, being quite silly, and I think she may have talked me in to an absolutely sublime project for Spring. Stay tuned.


06:56 AM
October 21, 2002
still talking about my

still talking about my slippers

Soon there will be pictures of two pairs of slippers -- the blue and green ones now have soles and i've knit a second pair for Zoe.

A few notes on slipper making: DO NOT mix yarns... I say that... and I'm doing it again. I should probably do a leetle test this time!. On Zoe's slippers I decided to use up some Cascade Pastaza that has been kicking around forever. It felts like crazy! Good to know, but it felted twice as fast and twice as thick as the Lamb's Pride, so the tongue of her shoe is short and thick. Not the kind of thing a five year old will notice... I hope!

As far as soles go, I think I will trot over to the fabric store and see if they have anything suitable. It's got to be thin enough to work with. I have some thick suede pieces from the craft shop -- you can't even cut it with scissors! I think I'll just cut out a piece the size of the bottom of the shoe and not the wrap around part, though I may change my mind.

At the thrift store on Friday, I found a pair of kid's slippers with suede soles sewn on. It doesn't seem like anything is glued to them so I can use them at some point. They also had a REAL chogori skirt/dress, but it was adult size and gauzily cheap so I didn't buy it. It would be pretty darned easy to make one, though I think an empire waisted jumper will be the way to go. I really want to have that done! Guess that means knitting on it.

Saw a really cute dress-up cape that someone made at a birthday party this weekend. That's another reason to get out to the fabric store -- I think I'll make one. Not that anyone around here needs one for Halloween, unless we're going to have caped kitties. Drop me a line if you are despairing about the Halloween costume sitch. This cape will set you right.


06:48 AM
October 15, 2002
pantoffeln Here they are:


Here they are:


and AFTER:

I'm thinking about making some slippers with some of that leftover Noro Kureyon that is currently knitted up into three-quarters of a hat. I also remembered some stray fuzzy stuff from the Technicolor Dream Sweater. And some stray black stuff... So fun! I could be one of the elves!

I need to find a good source for the leather slipper bottoms though. I think I paid more than I need to for the first two I bought.


05:50 PM
bootie call The bootie

bootie call

The bootie beat the bath. Not cleansed of body or soul, but got some knitting done.

We're in the homestretch on bootie #2. I am already eager to start a second pair! Needless to say, I am also eager to get these felted and see if they are worth continuing with. What if they felt into ridiculous lumps of matted fiber? What if they don't really stay on small feet? What if they end up being completely different sizes from one another?

I suppose this is why felting is so fun, there's that wave of the magic wand over the washing machine, and...

my powers as a magician will be revealed later in the day.


07:12 AM
knitting in the bathtub

knitting in the bathtub

I wish that I could knit in the bathtub. Then I wouldn't have to choose between a nice long hot soak and getting the second slipper closer to done.


07:05 AM
October 14, 2002
shake your bootie! Now

shake your bootie!

Now that my knitting slate is clear... except for the striped Kureyon sweater which is on vacation until I decide whether I should be doing something more adventurous than stripes... and the Chogori which got dull and made my wrist hurt because I was working on big straight needles... Okay, so they "one project at a time" mandate is not being followed!

Anyway, I'm finally getting on to the Fiber Trends felted boot/slippers for the kiddos. Ahh. This project feeds the cute shoes jones and the knitting needs all at the same time. One shoe is done and I'm about to cast on the second. I'm using Lamb's Pride in lime and a medium blue. I hope they felt up nicely. If these turn out well, then everyone's getting slippers this year! I am imagining some adult clog style houseshoes done with Noro Kureyon. Seems like I've seen it felted and it looked gorgeous.


11:14 AM
October 11, 2002
the cat ate my

the cat ate my post...

again! grr.

On a lark, I typed "knitting" into, the job search engine and found two interesting job listings. Neither of them is really feasible for me, so I thought I'd post them in case anyone wanted to apply.

The first is as Assistant Editor for Interweave Knits magazine in Loveland, CO. Serendipitously, my brother-in-law's family runs a href= "">Dude Ranch there. I can attest that it is a lovely place -- about an hour outside of Denver toward
Estes Park.

The second is as a Sweater Designer for abercrombie -- the 7-14 year old girls' version of Abercrombie & Fitch. They're in Columbus, OH.
Sounds like a fun job!


11:07 AM
wrist One of the


One of the posts that's been eaten a thousand times is about my wrist. Turns out it's not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it's DeQuervain's Disease! Gasp in horror, that sounds awful! Really it just means tendonitis in the wrist (base of the thumb), and mine's pretty mild. So I've got it Ace wrapped when I knit, or type, or lift children (all the time). I should be taking ibuprofin all the time and not doing any of the above activities, but, as you read about my knitting here, you'll realize that I haven't been following directions very well.


09:38 AM
October 9, 2002
third time's a charm

third time's a charm

arrrgh! I am growing annoyed with Blogger. I really can't complain as I'm getting something for nothing, but it keeps eating my posts!

I have finished the knitting portion of of knitty submission. It's pretty wacky, but I'm glad to be onto the finishing portion. Then I have to write it up, so you too can make one in the privacy of your own home :)


11:00 AM
Spider and I The

Spider and I

The spider is Misumena Vatia, family Thomisidae. In English, she's a crab spider, specifically a flower spider or a goldenrod spider. They don't spin webs. They just hang out on flowers and wait for bugs to drop by. And, get this, they change color to camoflage themselves! Only from white to yellow apparently, and it takes a few days, but that explains why she looks so nice on the marigolds!


06:39 AM
October 7, 2002
Where Did I Put

Where Did I Put That Tuffet?

Check out this cool spider! I have no idea what sort of spider it is, but I found a couple of them hanging out (wisely) on my marigolds. Any entomologists out there?

Arguably, since spiders spin, they are fiber related, right?


12:59 PM
October 4, 2002
beanies, baby III Further

beanies, baby III

Further thoughts on beanie strategies: Cast on with a contrasting color and knit the first row with it (1 garter ridge). Change to
Main color. Knit the first ridge of each wedge with the contrast yarn. You'll get sort of a divided pie look.

Or try doing the contrast for one ridge (two rows) and then switch yarns AND switch to stockinette (your hat will be a big wider this way), except for 5 or so stitches on the edge which you should do in garter stitch for ribbing.

Make it even bigger so it fits an adult. Maybe 45 stitches? You'll need a few more shortrows too!


07:34 AM
October 2, 2002
beanies, baby II The

beanies, baby II

The pattern for the little shortrow beanies below is up. Check out the "Free Patterns" link at the left. Drop me a line if you knit


07:02 AM