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September 16, 2002
D.I.Y. In a fit


In a fit of pique over the condition of our bedroom carpet on Friday, I decided to rip it out! I was so busy actually doing it that I failed to take real "before" pictures, but here is some evidence of it's previous state:

After taking up the formerly white, now absolutely disgusting dirty grey carpet (and pulling up all the tackstripping and staples), I was energized to go further. We have plans for a larger remodel, but they've been hovering on the horizon for 2 years, but they're still not imminent. So I wanted to do something, but not really invest much time or money. We had always hated the peach colored walls and had covered much of them with some black and white ethnic tapestries, but they had so many nail holes and stains they really needed paint.

Oh, and here are the no-doubt-at-one-time-very-expensive very 80's drapes.

So here's the room $48 and 48 hours later:

I didn't buy any paint, it was leftover from the livingroom (the beige) and a hodge-podge of other projects (hence the blue -- I just threw in some leftovers until I got a color I liked). I turned the drapes around so that the lining shows inside. Patched the hole where there used to be an outlet in the floor and put on a little rug to conceal it. Bought a couple of new accessories to brighten it up and hung three of Leo's newly framed pictures.

Ah. it's so fresh and clean now! Can't wait for the paint to dry so we can actually sleep there!


01:07 PM