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September 27, 2002
A.Va.T.A.R. Now that KNITTY


Now that KNITTY is up, here's a bit more on Kool-Aid dyeing for you.

Advanced Variegation Technique for the Anally-Retentive:

If you love variegation, but just need more order in your life, you can customize your yarn to fit your project. First, find a pattern you like. For best results, choose a boxy pattern knit in the round so the repeats are consistent. You may even want to steek the sleeves so your variegation will stay consistent throughout.

Knit a swatch with the yarn and needles you'll be using for the project. Mark the end of your yarn and unravel exactly one row. My 40 stitch swatch, for example, measures 32 inches per row. So each stitch requires 0.8 inches of yarn. Figure out how many inches of yarn will be needed for each round of knitting. For example, 190 stitches x .8 inches = 152 inches of yarn. Since I want the front and back to be more or less the same, I divide that length in half and get 76 inches. So I want each loop of my skein to be 76 inches long -- this means the skein will measure 38 inches end to end.

Take all the yarn you'll need for the project and make it into appropriately lengthed skeins (find a wastebasket, cereal box, or chair back that has the appropriate dimension!). For best results, don't make the skeins too thick. You'll be happier with twenty smaller skeins than with ten fat ones! Wet the skeins and arrange them on your garbage bag covered work surface... it's fine if they touch.

Now for the fun part! Sip a little Kool-Aid (sweetened!) to summon the muse, mix up your colors and paint across all of your skeins in stripes, keeping your color bands consistent from skein to skein. Make sure the dye has carried through to the back of the skeins. You can make lots of stripes or just a few, saturating all the yarn or leaving white space. When you are satisfied with the way they look, set the dyes using the steamer or microwave method (See my article, "Dyed in the Wool" in KNITTY for details). Imagine how the gals at the Stitch n' Bitch will swoon!


12:21 PM
beanies, baby! As I

beanies, baby!

As I said a few days ago, I am noodling around with a sideways shortrow beanie pattern. The first one, careful readers will note, matches the Haiku sweater I designed for knitty. Both the hat and the sweater were delivered to their brand new recipient, Gracie, born just one week ago.

It was so quick and fun to knit, I whipped up another zebra-striped one for Zozo -- you can't really tell, but it's alternating stripes of black and black/white variegated yarn.

After that I was still into the possibilities of the beanie and started in on a bigger one that would fit an adult. I wanted a more complex striped pattern and also thought I'd see how it would work with stockinette stitch and a garterstitch brim -- it's okay, but the pattern still needs tweaking. Most critically, I thought the two partial skeins of Noro Kureyon I grabbed would be enough. They're not. Plus, I want to change the way the two yarns interact -- I started them at opposite ends, but there was too much sameness in the middle of the hat. I think I'll rip it and try them with a staggered start from the same end.

Once I get the kinks worked out, I'll post the pattern.


12:14 PM It's here! Go

It's here! Go read Knitty. See many fabulous things.


07:02 AM
September 23, 2002
Knit Out I went

Knit Out

I went out to a local Knit Out event here in San Diego this weekend. I didn't do any knitting, but it was fun to see other knitters and what they were working on. I found out about a couple of local get togethers to check out.

Susan, my local knit store lady (of Knitting in La Jolla), was working on a Noro vest done modularly with triangles. Made me rethink the stripy Noro sweater I am working on... maybe stripes are too dull and I should be doing something zestier. Hmm. I guess I'll hold off working on it while I think it out a bit more.

In the mean time, I'm noodling around with a garter stitch baby beanie knit up and down with short rows. I think it should work.


11:32 AM
knitty! I've been helping


I've been helping Amy with some editting on the fabulous, new knitting magazine, Knitty. I can tell you it's going to be great and out soon. I can't wait!


11:26 AM
September 20, 2002
True Confessions Here are

True Confessions

Here are all my sweaters for your perusal. I forgot to mention the cool orange and blue wool one. It's probably the warmest (and itchiest) one I have. It's a thriftstore sweater, can't quite guess the vintage, but I like it.


10:54 AM
September 16, 2002
D.I.Y. In a fit


In a fit of pique over the condition of our bedroom carpet on Friday, I decided to rip it out! I was so busy actually doing it that I failed to take real "before" pictures, but here is some evidence of it's previous state:

After taking up the formerly white, now absolutely disgusting dirty grey carpet (and pulling up all the tackstripping and staples), I was energized to go further. We have plans for a larger remodel, but they've been hovering on the horizon for 2 years, but they're still not imminent. So I wanted to do something, but not really invest much time or money. We had always hated the peach colored walls and had covered much of them with some black and white ethnic tapestries, but they had so many nail holes and stains they really needed paint.

Oh, and here are the no-doubt-at-one-time-very-expensive very 80's drapes.

So here's the room $48 and 48 hours later:

I didn't buy any paint, it was leftover from the livingroom (the beige) and a hodge-podge of other projects (hence the blue -- I just threw in some leftovers until I got a color I liked). I turned the drapes around so that the lining shows inside. Patched the hole where there used to be an outlet in the floor and put on a little rug to conceal it. Bought a couple of new accessories to brighten it up and hung three of Leo's newly framed pictures.

Ah. it's so fresh and clean now! Can't wait for the paint to dry so we can actually sleep there!


01:07 PM
chogori progress I've gone

chogori progress

I've gone against my "one project" manifesto and leapt into making up this little knitted version of a chogori. I'm using up some of my Kool-Aid stash. Here are the sleeves and the start of the back.



12:53 PM
September 9, 2002
what's in your closet?

what's in your closet?

a.k.a. How many sweaters do you need in San Diego?*

a.k.a. Get ready to laugh your head off if you live anywhere there's actual weather.

Yes, it's warm here, but rarely hot, and it does cool down at night -- sometimes as low as -- quel horreur! -- 40 degrees.

But, get this, we don't really have heating in our house! Or insulation! Just one little radiator. It gets chilly in here in the "Winter".

So what's in my closet? I encourage you to tell us what's in yours. Leave comments or post it on your own blog. I wonder if this will be as revealing as describing the contents of one's refrigerator? Who has the most sweaters? Any guesses?

my sweater inventory

1. very lightweight black cotton cardigan (shirt weight).

2. very lightweight green cotton cardigan w/ 3/4 sleeves.

3. lightweight ribbed khaki cotton turtleneck

4. technicolor dream sweater (see archive)

5. medium weight ribbed red cotton turtleneck.

6. lightweight wool lightweight green thriftstore sweater.

7. cream acrylic pullover with trees on it knit by my aunt

8. noro menou (wool, cotton, silk) green/black striped pullover knit by my aunt.

9. cotton/wool Green Parrot cardigan

*I think the answer must be "At least 10," because I've got one on the needles!


07:04 AM
September 8, 2002
same or different? Melissa

same or different?

Melissa of Loose Ends asked if the girls really looked alike. Yes and no. They have different hair color, different builds and different temperaments. Their overall coloring and features are pretty similar.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the other day. None of them shows what the girls look like particularly acurately, but they are cute!


06:49 AM
September 7, 2002
catching up First off,

catching up

First off, Zoe started Kindergarten this week. Here she is on the first day. Get out the hankies!

Found out about eScrip. You can sign up your grocery store card and your credit card and they donate a percentage of your spending to the school of your choice. It's the Campbell's soup label collection of the 21st century. Much easier though. No fees or anything for you. Sign up and support your neighborhood school!

It rained yesterday, finally. Hooray! We had been having freakishly humid weather and I did everything in my power to make it rain. It did. I don't think I had anything to do with it though.

This is the first rain we've had since April 27th; I checked.

I took the girls down to the beach yesterday afternoon... I thought there might be some good waves due to the storm, but they had mostly subsided. Took a few photos though.

As I was pushing the stroller back toward home I noticed several TV vans. At first I thought maybe they were doing some beach shots for the evening news. Then I saw the police cars. I didn't hang around, lest the girls be exposed to something grisly.

Turns out it was.


07:51 AM
September 2, 2002
inspiration 2 look at

inspiration 2

look at Rebekah Younger's work. a couple of things that intrigued my about her techniques:

first: notice the "color discharge" technique that she uses. this is the same thing i described doing once to t-shirts with Sunlight (tm) dishwashing gel. i don't think i'm brave enough to do it to something i knitted.

second: i was interested by the technique she describes of knitting up panels, hand-painting them in gradients, unraveling them and then knitting them again using fair-isle techniques. labor intensive certainly. perhaps a knitting machine is involved in the proto-knitting stage. anyway, some interesting results. check it out.


07:21 AM
September 1, 2002
inspirational sites i've been

inspirational sites

i've been making forays into other realms to find inspiration for knitting design. first, check out ""> for a dizzying collection of images from all times and places. they also have links for all
kinds of costume-making supplies -- just in time for halloween, too!

and here is a site full of links purposely collected to inspire fiber artists. have a look!


10:56 AM
unconventional knitting thanks to

unconventional knitting

thanks to the fabulous dangerouschunky for the pointers to these fabulous sites.

i love hearing about unconventional knitting, and, well, excavators knitting with phone poles is just about as unconventional as it gets. if i were in new england you can bet i'd be here.

another artist pushing the knitting envelope: katharine cobey. you can even take classes from her!


06:52 AM