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August 28, 2002
on needles My WIP.

on needles

My WIP. It's a Henley style pullover with Color 1, Lot A of the discontinued Cotton Kureyon by Noro. Very earthy with a few bright
spots. I got some plain black for a middle section as I thought I might run out.

As far as the pattern goes, I am using a top-down raglan pattern from the Sweater Machine with some modifications. I added on an extra 7 stitches at either side of the neckline. Six stitches will be the doubled button band, the seventh, slipped on every right side row, will form a nice turned edge. After it's done this gets sewn into place. I'll knit a conventional ribbed neck in the black too. I think I'll make the sleeves and the hem slightly flared with a rolled edge.


08:30 PM