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August 28, 2002
in mind While visiting

in mind

While visiting my Mom, I saw once again a very nice hanbok she has. The hanbok is the traditional clothing of Korea. The
hanbok for women and girls consists of a full skirt/dress fastened across the chest and a short bolero style jacket called a chogori.

The one pictured above is not my Mom's -- I ripped it off of a Korean tourism site. Hers has brightly striped arms and a green bodice with embroidered flowers with a red skirt. I gather that this particular color combo is traditionally worn by brides when they first visit their inlaws. Chogori are also worn on other special occasions and holidays, including the first birthday.

Anyway, all of this is in prelude to a new project that I won't be knitting any time soon, but may scratch out a pattern for -- a child's sweater based on a chogori. Striped arms and a short ballet-style bodice in a solid color. I would probably shape the sleeves more conventionally and lengthen the body a tad. I figure it would look great with an empire-waisted jumper. Too bad I don't know any Korean babies celebrating their first birthdays! Still, I figure it'll be a fun little thing to knit.


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