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August 28, 2002
in mind While visiting

in mind

While visiting my Mom, I saw once again a very nice hanbok she has. The hanbok is the traditional clothing of Korea. The
hanbok for women and girls consists of a full skirt/dress fastened across the chest and a short bolero style jacket called a chogori.

The one pictured above is not my Mom's -- I ripped it off of a Korean tourism site. Hers has brightly striped arms and a green bodice with embroidered flowers with a red skirt. I gather that this particular color combo is traditionally worn by brides when they first visit their inlaws. Chogori are also worn on other special occasions and holidays, including the first birthday.

Anyway, all of this is in prelude to a new project that I won't be knitting any time soon, but may scratch out a pattern for -- a child's sweater based on a chogori. Striped arms and a short ballet-style bodice in a solid color. I would probably shape the sleeves more conventionally and lengthen the body a tad. I figure it would look great with an empire-waisted jumper. Too bad I don't know any Korean babies celebrating their first birthdays! Still, I figure it'll be a fun little thing to knit.


08:44 PM
on needles My WIP.

on needles

My WIP. It's a Henley style pullover with Color 1, Lot A of the discontinued Cotton Kureyon by Noro. Very earthy with a few bright
spots. I got some plain black for a middle section as I thought I might run out.

As far as the pattern goes, I am using a top-down raglan pattern from the Sweater Machine with some modifications. I added on an extra 7 stitches at either side of the neckline. Six stitches will be the doubled button band, the seventh, slipped on every right side row, will form a nice turned edge. After it's done this gets sewn into place. I'll knit a conventional ribbed neck in the black too. I think I'll make the sleeves and the hem slightly flared with a rolled edge.


08:30 PM
August 26, 2002
b(ack)log Hi. I have


Hi. I have returned from Seattle and am back home for the forseeable future. I've been busy, busy, busy, so I haven't got much done
knitwise, still, there's lots to update here in the land of domesticity.

I am knitting along on my Noro Cotton Kureyon Henley Sweater. I am knitting it top-down raglan and I am down to my second button hole. Pictures soon.

I visited two yarn shops in the specific Northwest. The first was called Canvas Works in Olympia and it was a great shop. It's where my Mom always goes. If you find yourself in Olympia, Washington, go there. I bought the pattern and leather soles to make the little felted boots below. I also visited the Yarn Gallery in West Seattle. I found it by accident because we were driving by and they were having a huge sale. I didn't buy anything though!

I helped my Mom move an antique secretary into the living room and put all her yarn and knitting paraphernalia in it. Looks cool.

I also picked up a few more patterns from my aunt and some more ideas for projects. With world enough and time...


08:16 AM
August 14, 2002
Rex's Sweater Here's a

Rex's Sweater

Here's a photo of Rex wearing the sweater I made him. His Mom attached the R E X to it. I made the hat too, with some leftover
Prontos and Fandango. What a great model!


05:15 PM
that swing! My latest

that swing!

My latest "makeover" project. After buying a swingy Oilily sweatshirt a while back at a rummage sale, I got to thinking about
refashioning an existing sweatshirt. Here's the result! Turned out well, I think, for $o.99 and 45 minutes of work.

Here's what I did: Bought a kid's sweatshirt at the thrift store (maybe size 8?). Cut it up as below.

Then I sewed the two halves back together -- I just zigzagged the seam on the outside so it was more of a "feature".

Then I cut a little curve on the top side of the bottom bit that I cut off and sewed the cuff side onto the bottom of the swingy bit -- I turned it inside out so that the fluffy stuff was on the outside.. I finished all the edges with zigzagging. Then I sewed on some cuff stuff to the sleeves and onto the new neck hole. Added buttons for fun. Thought about making a kangaroo pocket on it, but didn't bother on this one. Voila!


01:46 PM
August 11, 2002
back We've returned from


We've returned from our trip to Toronto where I met Amy and Kate at their SnB. How fun! They're not psychotic men in cyber-drag
who've been carrying on this clever knitting ruse for eons, either. They're just what you'd expect.

I didn't buy any yarn in Canada either. I saw a very tantalizing shop next to New World Palace (off Steeles) where we dined. This was in an Asian strip-mall. I couldn't really see in the shop but a sign on the window said something about carrying all Japanese yarns! I thought about going back, but it didn't really work out that way.

Toronto seems like a great city.

But I'm not going back anytime soon. We spent FIVE hours in security and immigration lines getting back (no exaggeration). We made it all the way through once, nearly boarded our plane when they found out there was a technical problem, and they'd have to fly a part in from Montreal. The airline was very accomodating and even got us on a nonstop flight on Air Canada from Toronto to San Diego, BUT we had to reclaim our bags, take the bus to another terminal, check in at another airline and go through security and immigration again. I don't think I've stood in a line like that ever -- one creeping serpentine line for close to forever with nowhere to go. In limbo between Canada and the US. The girls did well under the circumstances and both slept on the plane on the way back -- Zoe for two hours and Eleanor for nearly four! So it could have been infinitely worse.

And in a week, I'm flying up to Seattle with just me and the girls to visit my family...


07:42 AM