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July 4, 2002
hey, kool-aid! Crasha-banga-booma! Summertime...

hey, kool-aid!

Crasha-banga-booma! Summertime... time to break out the Kool-Aid. According to Kraft Foods, the makers of Kool-Aid, it is the most
consumer soft drink by children, and the third most consumed by adults (after Coke and Pepsi). Who knew?

Here are some fun things to do with Kool-Aid, besides drink it: Dye your yarn like Amanda Gill. Or poke around in the archives to see what I've done. You can also dye your hair with it! Check out Grateful Dyed.

To find out more about Kool-Aid, you might be interested in The History of
, or go to the source,, for all sorts of information and listings of all
the "flavors".

Speaking of which, I cannot find the green Lemon-Lime anywhere! Do they carry it at your market?


07:11 AM