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May 28, 2002
You Rexy Thing! Well,

You Rexy Thing!

Well, this is hardly the little addendum it was Friday! The yarn came Thursday and it's arrival pushed me to finish the scarf so I could get knitting with the Pronto. The good news/bad news is that Ella's cold and bad sleep habits have combined to wake me irredeemably at about 4:oo am the last few days. So once I've lulled her back to sleep, I've been getting in some quality knitting time (with her on my lap or shoulder, of course).

I joined all the pieces today and have started to cable the raglans. I've joined the cable nation! Groovy.

I haven't quite decided how to finish the neck. It's going to have a V-neck. The cuffs and bottom have cable ribs, but that won't work at the neck line. Suggestions?


03:15 PM