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May 24, 2002
The T-Gene If there's

The T-Gene

If there's a spot somewhere on the double helix that codes for thrift-shopping, I've got it! Check out today's score! With the exception of the velvet pants, all of these are brand new French baby clothes (mini man, marese). You can't really see their true fabulousness in this picture, but trust me. Most are fully lined, the red top is even reversible. I'm not sure Ella'll even get to wear most of it sizewise, but it was too good to pass up, so I'll pass it on to someone. Given the quantity of stuff they had, it must have been a donation from a boutique. Plus I had a 20% off coupon for donating stuff to them, so I only spent $16!

But wait, you also get this extra large Ecuadoran pure wool sweater! Weighs a ton. Lots of lanolin. Makes a great tent door. Just what I need in San Diego! I'm definitely ripping this one up. I already started. My idea was to make a jacket for Zoe since she's having a rainbow phase, but she says it's itchy. There's enough yarn here for a myriad of projects though.


08:11 PM