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May 6, 2002
art to wear I

art to wear

I had high hopes for a show at a gallery this weekend for San Diego Artwear's Spring Artwear/ware New Visions Show which billed
"one-of-a-kind designs from many of your favorite well-known local artists". I guess I was invisioning something more avant-garde, you
know, art with a capital "A". Turned out it was more along the lines of painted silk scarves and embellished jean jackets. One weaver
had some pretty nice stuff, but when I tried to engage her about where she got her fibers and how she dyed them, she gave a curt, "Well,
I've been collecting fibers for over 29 years..." Oh well. For being one of the nation's 10 largest cities, San Diego is amazingly

On Sunday, though, we went to The Museum of Contemporary Art for their monthly Family Free Day. Not only is the museum free, they have some very inspired children's projects drawing on pieces of art from their collection. This time it was painting pieces of clothing that had been dipped in plaster. This is Zoe's creation:


09:45 AM