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April 18, 2002
Rant Against Pattern Sizing

Rant Against Pattern Sizing

So I did actually get some knitting done on the Parrot. After ripping out the first sleeve about four times, it is nearly done.
Indeed, if I had followed the pattern, I would be done! It called for 17" long sleeves -- these are set-in, not drop-shoulder!
That's about 4 inches too short. Good thing I checked too, because these yarns are very different skein to skein... if I had knit both
sleeves and then figured out they were too small, it would have been a mess! Grr. That'll teach me to knit from a pattern!

So why are knitting patterns sized for Lilliputians? If I buy off the rack, I nearly always buy a Small, unless it's too short. Yet in looking at pattern measurements, I could easily knit a Large and it wouldn't be very big. And I am not a big person. I can only imagine how annoying this is to, oh, say, an average sized woman. Who are they designing for?


07:07 AM