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April 29, 2002
Dyed in the Wool

Dyed in the Wool

Yet another round of Kool-Aid dyeing. Used three shades of blue... Ice Blue Raspberry, Blue Moon Berry and some new-fangled
color-shifting Kool-Aid that was supposed to change from green to blue and taste like cherry. All three were different colors by the
way, I'm happy to report. I think the yarn needs more color now that it's dry, so I'm going to rubber band it and toss it into some of
whatever blue I have left.

Bonne Marie was breaking out the Kool-Aid too this weekend. And like her, I had
difficulty getting my hands on the goods. Neither of the two stores I've looked at had Lemon-Lime, and one had no Grape. That's why I
ended up getting the color-shifting Kool-Aid... It made a nice dark teal, by the way, though I'm still waiting for it to change color!
There are just so many "new" flavors, they can't keep stocking the old standbys.


10:04 AM