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April 17, 2002
Cotton Baby Sweater &

Cotton Baby Sweater & Flat Hat

Here's a photo of THE baby sweater (see the Bulky Babies post on 3/29 for pattern). This one my Mom knit for Zoe -- it's been through
at least four babies now! This one is knit in basic, discount store cotton. I'll just give the measurements, if you really want help
with the math for your gauge, let me know!

This is definitely newborn size -- to about 3 months. The sweater is 10" wide and 9" tall. The sleeves are 6" long and are cast on 5
inches from the bottom, so they're about 4 inches wide.

For the hat: Again, newborn size -- for a 14" or so head. Cast on 14" worth of stitches (for 5 st./inch, that's 70 stitches) on straight needles. Knit in stockinette if you want a rolled brim, or k1p1 rib for about 1 inch. Switch to garter stitch (knit all rows). Continue knitting for 6 or so inches. Bind off all stitches.

Finishing: Sew across top and the one open side. Attach pom-poms, yarn covered O-rings, or I-cords to the top corners. Looks like a funny potholder, but really cute on your baby!


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